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most legal
most legendary
most legible
most liberal
most light hearted
most likely
most limited
most literal
most long sighted
most longish
most loving
most lustful
most luxuriant
most luxurious
most majestic
most massive
most masterly
most materialistic
most mature
most meager
most meaningless
most measurable
most mediocre
most melancholic
most melodious
most mendacious
most merciless
most meritorious
most militant
most minimal
most miserable
most misshapen
most mixed
most mobile
most moderate
most modern
most modest
most monotonous
most morose
most motionless
most musical
most mysterious
most naive
most natural
most necessary
most negative
most neglected
most negligent
most nervous
most neutral
most nimble
most noiseless
most noisy
most non rigid
most normal
most northern
most notable
most notorious
most numerous
most nutritious
most obedient
most objective
most obliging
most obstinate
most obtrusive
most obvious
most odedient
most of the day
most offensive
most official
most oily
most ominous
most open
most open handed
most optimal
most optimistic
most orderly
most ordinary
most organic
most original
most outstanding
most overdue
most overjoyed
most oversensitive
most overwise
most overzealous
most padded
most painful
most palatable
most panic
most paradoxical
most partial
most particular
most passable
most passionate
most passive
most patentable
most paternal
most pathological
most patient
most patriotic
most patronizing
most peaceable
most peaceful
most peaceless
most peculiar
most pedantic
most peevish
most penetrating
most perceptible
most perfect
most perfidious
most perilous
most perishable
most permanent
most personal
most pert
most perverse
most pessimistic
most photogenic
most pigheaded
most pithy
most pitiable
most plausible
most pleasant
most pleased
most pleasing
most poisonous
most polite
most ponderous
most popular
most porous
most portable
most positive
most possessive
most possible
most potent
most powerful
most powerless
most practical
most praiseworthy
most precious
most precise
most precocious
most pregnant
most presentable
most pressed
most pretentious
most primitive
most privileged
most probable
most problematic
most procreative
most productive
most professional
most profitable
most profound
most progressive
most prominent
most promising
most proper
most proportional
most proportioned
most proud
most provisional
most provocative
most prudent
most prudently
most prudish
most public
most pugnacious
most punctual
most punishable
most purposeful
most purulent
most quiet
most radical
most radioactive
most ragged
most ramified
most raving
most reactionary
most real
most realistic
most realizable
most reasonable
most rebellious
most receptive
most reckless
most redeemable
most refined
most refractory
most refreshing
most refutable
most refuted
most regular
most related
most relative
most relaxed
most relaxing
most reliable
most religious
most relucting
most remarkable
most replaceable
most reprehensible
most repressive
most repulsive
most reserved
most resistant
most resisting
most resourceful
most respectable
most respectful
most responsible
most restless
most retired
most right
most riskless
most robust
most roguish
most romantic
most rotten
most roundish
most rugged
most rumpled
most rural
most saltless
most sane
most satanic
most satisfied
most scandalous
most scanty
most scattered
most scientific
most scornful
most seaworthy
most secret
most seductive
most seeming
most selective
most sensational
most senseless
most sensitive
most sensual
most separable
most separated
most separating
Most Serene Republic of San Marino
most serious
most severe
most shadowy
most shaky
most shamefaced
most shameful
most shameless
most sharp sighted
most sharp witted
most sharpened
most shocked
most shocking
most sickly
most significant
most significant bit
most silent
most sincere
most slanting
most slender
most slippery
most sloping
most sly
most sneering
most snivelling
most snobbish
most sober
most sociable
most social
most soft hearted
most softish
most solemn
most solid
most soluble
most solvable
most solvent
most sonorous
most sophisticated
most soundless
most sour
most sourish
most southern
most sparsely wooded
most spiced
most spirited
most spiritless
most splendid
most spoiled
most stainless
most stalwart
most startled
most statutory
most steadfast
most stereotyped
most sterile
most sticky
most stingy
most strained
most strange
most streamlined
most striking
most striving
most stubborn
most stupid
most stylish
most subconscious
most subordinate
most subservient
most substantial
most successful
most sudden
most sugary
most suitable
most superficial
most superfluous
most supernatural
most supple
most suspect
most suspicious
most swollen
most sympathetic
most systematic
most tactful
most tactless
most talented
most talkative
most tame
most tasteful
most tasteless
most technical
most telepathic
most tempting
most tendentious
most tender
most tepid
most terrible
most terse
most theoretical
most thorough
most thoughtful
most thoughtless
most threadbare
most threatening
most timid
most tired
most tolerable
most tolerant
most tormenting
most torn up
most totalitarian
most tousled
most traditional
most tragic
most transient
most translucent
most transparent
most transportable
most trashy
most travelling
most treacherous
most tricky
most triumphant
most trivial
most tropical
most tropicalized
most troublesome
most trusting
most trustworthy
most truthful
most twisted
most typical

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