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more ideal
more idealistic
more idiotic
more idyllic
more illegal
more imaginary
more imaginative
more imbecile
more immense
more immoderate
more immodest
more immoral
more impalpable
more impartial
more impassable
more impatient
more impecunious
more impenetrable
more impenitent
more imperious
more impermeable
more impersonal
more important
more importunate
more impotent
more impressive
more improbable
more improper
more imprudent
more impudent
more impulsive
more impure
more in raptures
more inaccessible
more inactive
more inanimate
more inattentive
more incalculable
more incautious
more incoherent
more incomplete
more incomprehensible
more inconceivable
more inconsiderate
more inconsistent
more inconstant
more incontestable
more incontinent
more inconvenient
more incorrect
more incorruptible
more indecent
more indefatigable
more indelicate
more independent
more indeterminate
more indifferent
more indigestible
more indignant
more indiscreet
more indiscriminate
more indispendable
more indisputable
more individual
more indocile
more indomitable
more industrious
more inefficient
more inevitable
more inexact
more inexhaustible
more inexperienced
more inexplicable
more infallible
more infamous
more inferior
more inflammable
more inflexible
more influential
more informal
more informative
more ingenious
more inglorious
more inhospitable
more innocent
more insane
more insatiable
more insensitive
more insignificant
more insolvent
more instinctive
more insufficient
more intelligent
more intense
more interesting
more intimate
more intolerable
more intolerant
more intractable
more invaluable
more inventive
more inverted
more invincible
more invisible
more involuntary
more ironical
more irrecoverable
more irregular
more irrelevant
more irremovable
more irreplaceable
more irreproachable
more irresolute
more irresponsible
more irreverent
more irritable
more irritated
more jealous
more joyful
more justified
more knowing
more known
more legal
more legendary
more legible
more liberal
more light hearted
more limited
more literal
more long sighted
more longish
more loving
more lustful
more luxuriant
more luxurious
more majestic
more marketable
more massive
more masterly
more materialistic
more mature
more meager
more meaningless
more measurable
more mediocre
more melancholic
more melodious
more mendacious
more merciless
more meritorious
more methodical
more militant
more minimal
more miserable
more misshapen
more mixed
more mobile
more moderate
more modern
more modest
more monotonous
more morose
more motionless
more musical
more mysterious
more naive
more natural
more necessary
more negative
more neglected
more negligent
more nervous
more neutral
more nimble
more noiseless
more noisy
more non rigid
more normal
more northern
more notable
more notorious
more numerous
more nutritious
more obedient
more objective
more obliging
more obstinate
more obtrusive
more obvious
more offensive
more official
more often
more oily
more old fashioned
more omimous
more open
more open handed
more optimal
more optimistic
more or less
more orderly
more ordinary
more organic
more original
more overdue
more overjoyed
more oversensitive
more overwise
more overzealous
more padded
more painful
more palatable
more panic
more paradoxical
more partial
more particular
more passable
more passionate
more passive
more patentable
more paternal
more pathological
more patient
more patriotic
more patronizing
more peaceable
more peaceful
more peaceless
more peculiar
more pedantic
more peevish
more penetrating
more penitent
more perceptible
more perfect
more perfidious
more perilous
more perishable
more permanent
more personal
more pert
more perverse
more pessimistic
more photogenic
more pigheaded
more pithy
more pitiable
more plausible
more pleasant
more pleased
more pleasing
more poisonous
more polite
more ponderous
more popular
more porous
more portable
more positive
more possessive
more possible
more potent
More power to you!
more powerful
more powerless
more practical
more precious
more precise
more precocious
more pregnant
more pressed
more pretentious
more primitive
more privileged
more probable
more problematic
more procreative
more productive
more professional
more profitable
more profound
more progressive
more prominent
more promising
more proper
more proportional
more proportioned
more proud
more provisional
more provocative
more prudent
more prudently
more prudish
more public
more pugnacious
more punctual
more punishable
more purposeful
more purulent
more quiet
more radical
more radioactive
more ragged
more ramified
more raving
more reactionary
more real
more realistic
more realizable
more reasonable
more rebellious
more receptive
more reckless
more redeemable
more refined
more refractory
more refreshing
more refutable
more refuted
more regular
more related
more relative
more relaxed
more relaxing
more reliable
more religious
more relucting
more remarkable
more replaceable
more reprehensible
more repressive
more repulsive
more reserved
more resistant
more resisting
more resourceful
more respectable
more respectful
more responsible
more restless
more retired
more right
more riskless
more robust
more roguish
more romantic
more rotten
more roundish
more rugged
more rumpled
more rural
more sane
more scandalous
more scanty
more scattered
more scientific
more scornful
more secret
more seductive
more sensational
more senseless
more sensitive
more sensual
more separable
more separated
more separating
more serious
more severe
more shadowy
more shaky
more shamefaced
more shameful
more shameless
more sharpened
more shocked
more shocking
more sickly
more significant
more silent
more sincere
more slanting
more slender
more slippery
more sloping
more sly
more sneering
more snivelling
more snobbish
more sober
more sociable
more social
more soft hearted
more softish
more solemn
more solid
more soluble
more solvable
more solvent
more sonorous
more sophisticated
more soundless
more southern
more spiced
more spirited
more spiritless
more splendid
more spoiled
more stainless
more stalwart
more startled
more steadfast
more stereotyped
more sterile
more sticky
more stingy
more strained
more strange
more streamlined
more striking
more striving
more stubborn
more stupid
more stylish
more subconscious
more subordinate
more subservient
more substantial
more successful
more sudden
more sugary
more suitable
more superficial
more superfluous
more supernatural
more supple
more suspect
more suspicious
more swollen
more sympathetic
more systematic

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