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more canting
more capable
more capricious
more captious
more captivating
more careful
more careless
more carping
more casual
more categorical
more catholic
more caustic
more cautious
more central
more centralized
more ceremonious
more changeable
more changed
more chaotic
more charitable
more charming
more charmless
more chaste
more cheerful
more cheerless
more childish
more childlike
more civilized
more clammy
more cleanly
more clear sighted
more cleft
more clever
more cloudless
more co operative
more coddled
more cold blooded
more coloured
more colourless
more comfortable
more comforting
more commercial
more committed
more common
more compact
more companionable
more competent
more competitive
more complete
more complex
more complicated
more comprehensive
more concealed
more condemned
more conducive
more confident
more confidential
more conflicting
more confused
more congested
more conscientious
more conservative
more considerable
more consistent
more conspicuous
more constant
more constrained
more constructive
more contemplative
more contemptible
more contradictory
more contrite
more controversial
more convenient
more coquettish
more cordial
more corpulent
more correct
more corrupt
more courageous
more cowardly
more cracked
more credible
more criminal
more crisp
more critical
more crooked
more crumpled
more crushed
more culpable
more cultural
more cunning
more curative
more curious
more curly
more cursed
more cylindrical
more cynical
more damnable
more dangerous
more darned
more deaf
more decayed
more decent
more decisive
more decorated
more defective
more defiant
more defying
more degrading
more delicate
more delicious
more delightful
more dependent
more deplorable
more desert
more deserted
more desirable
more desired
more desirous
more despised
more despising
more despotic
more destructible
more destructive
more detailed
more determined
more detestable
more devilish
more devious
more devote
more devoted
more different
more difficult
more diffuse
more dignified
more diluted
more disadvantageous
more disastrous
more discoloured
more disconsolate
more discontent
more discontented
more discouraged
more discreet
more disgraceful
more disgusting
more dishonest
more dishonourable
more disintegrating
more disloyal
more disobedient
more disrespectful
more dissembling
more dissimilar
more distinguished
more distrustful
more diversified
more divisible
more docile
more dogged
more domestic
more doubtful
more doubting
more doubtless
more downcast
more draughty
more dreadful
more drunken
more durable
more dutiful
more dwarfish
more dynamic
more eager
more eastern
more eccentric
more economic
more educated
more effective
more efficient
more effortless
more elastic
more elective
more elegant
more eligible
more eloquent
more embarrassing
more emotional
more endless
more energetic
more enormous
more enraged
more entangled
more enviable
more envious
more erotic
more erratic
more essential
more estimable
more eventful
more evident
more exact
more excellent
more exceptional
more excessive
more exciting
more exclusive
more exemplary
more exhausted
more exorbitant
more exotic
more expedient
more expensive
more expert
more expertly
more explicit
more explosive
more expressionless
more expressive
more exquisite
more extensible
more extensive
more fabulous
more faded
more fairylike
more faithful
more faithless
more falsified
more familiar
more famous
more fantastic
more fascinating
more fashionable
more fatal
more fateful
more faulty
more favourable
more fearful
more fearless
more feeble
more female
more festival
more feudal
more feverish
more fibrous
more fickle
more fidgety
more fiery
more final
more fire proof
more flexible
more flighty
more floury
more foaming
more foamy
more foolhardy
more foolish
more forgetful
more formal
more formless
more fragile
more frequent
more frightened
more frolicsome
more frugal
more frustrating
more fugitive
more furious
more gallant
more general
more generous
more gentle
more gentlemanly
more ghostly
more gifted
more girlish
more glaring
more gloomy
more glorious
more gossipy
more gracious
more granular
more grateful
more greedy
more groomed
more grotesque
more gruelling
more gushing
more hard hearted
more harmful
more harmless
more harmonious
more hated
more headless
more heartless
more heat resistant
more heavenly
more hectic
more helpful
more helpless
more heretical
more heroic
more hidden
more high grade
more high principled
more hindering
more hollow
more homelike
more honest
more honourable
more hopeful
more hopeless
more horizontal
more horrible
more horrid
more hostile
more hot tempered
more human
more humane
more humble
more hurting
more hydrogenous
more hygienic
more hysterical

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