Pronunciation: wĕpt
n.1.(Zool.) The lapwing; the wipe; - so called from its cry.
imp.1.imp. of Weep, for wept.
v. i.1.
[imp. & p. p. Wept (wĕpt); p. pr. & vb. n. Weeping.]
1.Formerly, to express sorrow, grief, or anguish, by outcry, or by other manifest signs; in modern use, to show grief or other passions by shedding tears; to shed tears; to cry.
And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul's neck.
- Acts xx. 37.
Phocion was rarely seen to weep or to laugh.
- Mitford.
And eyes that wake to weep.
- Mrs. Hemans.
And they wept together in silence.
- Longfellow.
2.To lament; to complain.
3.To flow in drops; to run in drops.
4.To drop water, or the like; to drip; to be soaked.
5.To hang the branches, as if in sorrow; to be pendent; to droop; - said of a plant or its branches.
v. t.1.To lament; to bewail; to bemoan.
2.To shed, or pour forth, as tears; to shed drop by drop, as if tears; as, to weep tears of joy.
Tears, such as angels weep, burst forth.
- Milton.
Verb1.weep - shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain; "She cried bitterly when she heard the news of his death"; "The girl in the wheelchair wept with frustration when she could not get up the stairs"
Synonyms: cry
bag, bawl, bewail, bleed, blubber, boohoo, break down, burst into tears, cascade, condense, daggle, dangle, depend, deplore, dirge, discharge, dissolve in tears, distill, drabble, drag, draggle, drape, dribble, drip, dripple, drizzle, droop, drop, drop a tear, drum, effuse, effusion, egest, elegize, eliminate, emit, excrete, excretion, exfiltrate, exfiltration, extravasate, extravasation, exudate, exudation, exude, fall, fester, filter, filtering, filtrate, filtration, flap, flop, flow, give off, give out, give sorrow words, greet, grieve, gurgle, hang, hang down, keen, knell, lactate, leach, leaching, leak, leak out, lixiviate, lixiviation, lop, matter, mizzle, moan, nod, ooze, oozing, pass, patter, pelt, pend, percolate, percolating, percolation, pipe, pitter-patter, pour, pour with rain, precipitate, produce, rain, rain tadpoles, rankle, reek, repine, ripen, run, sag, secern, secrete, seep, seepage, sew, shed tears, shower, shower down, sigh, sing the blues, snivel, sorrow, spatter, spit, sprinkle, spurtle, strain, straining, stream, suppurate, swag, sweat, swing, tattoo, tear, trail, transpire, transudation, transude, trickle, trill, wail, water, weep over, weeping
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