n.1.A sour liquid used as a condiment, or as a preservative, and obtained by the spontaneous (acetous) fermentation, or by the artificial oxidation, of wine, cider, beer, or the like.
2.Hence, anything sour; - used also metaphorically.
Here's the challenge: . . . I warrant there's vinegar and pepper in't.
- Shak.
Aromatic vinegar
strong acetic acid highly flavored with aromatic substances.
Mother of vinegar
See 4th Mother.
Radical vinegar
acetic acid.
Thieves' vinegar
See under Thief.
Vinegar eel
(Zool.) a minute nematode worm (Leptodera oxophila, or Anguillula acetiglutinis), commonly found in great numbers in vinegar, sour paste, and other fermenting vegetable substances; - called also vinegar worm.
Vinegar lamp
(Chem.) a fanciful name of an apparatus designed to oxidize alcohol to acetic acid by means of platinum.
Vinegar plant
See 4th Mother.
Vinegar tree
(Bot.) the stag-horn sumac (Rhus typhina), whose acid berries have been used to intensify the sourness of vinegar.
Wood vinegar
See under Wood.
v. t.1.To convert into vinegar; to make like vinegar; to render sour or sharp.
Noun1.vinegar - sour-tasting liquid produced usually by oxidation of the alcohol in wine or cider and used as a condiment or food preservative
Synonyms: acetum
2.vinegar - dilute acetic acid
To see or drink vinegar in your dream, suggests that you are feeling sour about some situation. It may denote a relationship that has gone sour. You are worried about something.acid, acidulant, bread-and-butter pickle, brine, chokecherry, crab apple, dill pickle, embalming fluid, formaldehyde, green apple, lemon, lime, pickle, preservative, preservative medium, salt, sour, sour balls, sour cream, sour grapes, sour pickle, sourdough, verjuice, yogurt
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