n.1.A change of form, direction, or the like; transformation; conversion; turning.
The version of air into water.
- Bacon.
2.(Med.) A condition of the uterus in which its axis is deflected from its normal position without being bent upon itself. See Anteversion, and Retroversion.
3.The act of translating, or rendering, from one language into another language.
4.A translation; that which is rendered from another language; as, the Common, or Authorized, Version of the Scriptures (see under Authorized); the Septuagint Version of the Old Testament.
5.An account or description from a particular point of view, especially as contrasted with another account; as, he gave another version of the affair.
Noun1.version - an interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint; "his version of the fight was different from mine"
2.version - something a little different from others of the same type; "an experimental version of the night fighter"; "an emery wheel is a modern variant of the grindstone"; "the boy is a younger edition of his father"
3.version - a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form; "the play is an adaptation of a short novel"
Synonyms: adaptation
4.version - a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language
5.version - a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something
6.version - manual turning of a fetus in the uterus (usually to aid delivery)
(programming)version - One of a sequence of copies of a program, each incorporating new modifications. Each version is usually identified by a number, commonly of the form X.Y where X is the major version number and Y is the release number. Typically an increment in X (with Y reset to zero) signifies a substantial increase in the function of the program or a partial or total re-implementation, whereas Y increases each time the progam is changed in any way and re-released.

Version numbers are useful so that the user can know if the program has changed (bugs have been fixed or new functions added) since he obtained his copy and the programmer can tell if a bug report relates to the current version. It is thus always important to state the version when reporting bugs. Statements about compatibility between different software components should always say which versions they apply to.

See change management.
account, adaptation, affiliation, arrangement, article, autograph, body, brainchild, branch, burlesque, chronicle, church, clarification, communion, community, composite reading, composition, computer printout, conception, condensation, conflation, construct, construction, copy, critical edition, denomination, diplomatic text, division, document, draft, dummy, duplication, edited text, edited version, edition, engrossment, essay, facsimile, faction, fair copy, fellowship, fiction, final draft, finished version, first draft, flimsy, form, group, history, holograph, hymnal, hymnbook, idea, imitation, instrumental score, kind, knockoff, lection, letter, libretto, literae scriptae, literary artefact, literary production, literature, lucubration, lute tablature, manifestation, manuscript, matter, mock-up, model, music, music paper, music roll, musical notation, musical score, narrative, nonfiction, normalized text, notation, offshoot, opera, opera score, opus, orchestral score, order, organization, original, paper, paraphrase, parchment, parody, part, party, penscript, persuasion, piano score, piece, piece of writing, play, poem, portrayal, printed matter, printout, production, reading, reading matter, recension, religious order, rendering, rendition, replica, report, representation, reproduction, restatement, rewording, schism, scholarly edition, school, score, screed, scrip, script, scrive, scroll, second draft, sect, sectarism, segment, sheet music, short score, side, simplification, society, songbook, songster, story, style, tablature, tale, text, the written word, transcript, transcription, translation, travesty, type, typescript, understanding, variant, variation, variety, view, vocal score, work, writing, written music
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