n.1.(Anat.) One of the vessels which carry blood, either venous or arterial, to the heart. See Artery, 2.
2.(Bot.) One of the similar branches of the framework of a leaf.
3.(Zool.) One of the ribs or nervures of the wings of insects. See Venation.
4.(Geol. or Mining) A narrow mass of rock intersecting other rocks, and filling inclined or vertical fissures not corresponding with the stratification; a lode; a dike; - often limited, in the language of miners, to a mineral vein or lode, that is, to a vein which contains useful minerals or ores.
5.A fissure, cleft, or cavity, as in the earth or other substance.
Let the glass of the prisms be free from veins.
- Sir I. Newton.
6.A streak or wave of different color, appearing in wood, and in marble and other stones; variegation.
7.A train of associations, thoughts, emotions, or the like; a current; a course; as, reasoning in the same vein.
He can open a vein of true and noble thinking.
- Swift.
8.Peculiar temper or temperament; tendency or turn of mind; a particular disposition or cast of genius; humor; strain; quality; also, manner of speech or action; as, a rich vein of humor; a satirical vein.
Invoke the Muses, and improve my vein.
- Waller.
v. t.1.To form or mark with veins; to fill or cover with veins.
[imp. & p. p. Veined ; p. pr. & vb. n. Veining.]
Noun1.vein - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; all veins except the pulmonary carry unaerated blood
2.vein - a distinctive style or manner; "he continued in this vein for several minutes"
3.vein - any of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other plant organ
Synonyms: nervure
4.vein - a layer of ore between layers of rock
Synonyms: mineral vein
5.vein - one of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect
Synonyms: nervure
Verb1.vein - make a veinlike pattern

a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart.

To see your vein in your dream, signifies that you are shielded from slander. To dream that your veins are bleeding, foretells that you will experience great and inescapable sorrow. To dream that your veins are swollen, signifies your hastiness in placing trust.affectation, aorta, arteriole, artery, attitude, band, bar, bed, bespangle, bespeckle, bespot, blood vessel, blotch, body-build, bonanza, brand, capillary, carotid, cast, character, characteristic, characteristics, check, checker, chimney, chute, command of language, complexion, composition, constituents, constitution, cornucopia, country rock, course, crasis, cue, dapple, deposit, dharma, diathesis, dike, disposition, dot, ethos, exaggeration, expression of ideas, fashion, feeling, feeling for words, fettle, fiber, flake, fleck, font, form of speech, fount, fountain, frame, frame of mind, freckle, gangue, genius, gold mine, grace of expression, grain, grandiloquence, gruel, habit, harlequin, heart, hint, hue, humor, humors, ilk, inflation, iris, jugular vein, kind, lath, line, literary style, lode, lodestuff, maculate, makeup, manner, manner of speaking, mannerism, marble, marbleize, matrix, mere shadow, mind, mine, mineral deposit, mode, mode of expression, mold, mood, morale, motley, mottle, nature, note, ore bed, paper, pattern, pay dirt, peculiarity, pepper, personal style, physique, polychrome, polychromize, portal vein, property, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein, quality, quarry, rail, rainbow, rake, resource, rhetoric, seam, sense of language, shade, shadow, shaving, shoot, skeleton, slat, slip, somatotype, sort, soup, source, source of supply, spangle, speck, speckle, spirit, spirits, splinter, splotch, spot, spring, sprinkle, stamp, staple, state of mind, stigmatize, stipple, stock, strain, stratum, streak, stria, striate, striation, stripe, stud, style, stylistic analysis, stylistics, suchness, suggestion, suspicion, system, tattoo, temper, temperament, tendency, tenor, tessellate, the grand style, the plain style, the sublime, thread, tincture, tinge, tone, touch, trace, trick, type, variegate, veinlet, vena cava, venation, venule, wafer, way, well, wellspring
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