n.1.One of the ends of weaver's threads; hence, any soft, short threads or tufts resembling these.
2.Any coarse yarn; an unraveled strand of rope.
3.(Bot.) A threadlike part of a flower; a stamen.
4.(Mining) A shove out of place; a small displacement or fault along a seam.
5.(Naut.) A mat made of canvas and tufts of yarn.
Thrum cap
a knitted cap.
Thrum hat
a hat made of coarse woolen cloth.
- Halliwell.
v. t.1.To furnish with thrums; to insert tufts in; to fringe.
[imp. & p. p. Thrummed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Thrumming.]
Are we born to thrum caps or pick straw?
- Quarles.
2.(Naut.) To insert short pieces of rope-yarn or spun yarn in; as, to thrum a piece of canvas, or a mat, thus making a rough or tufted surface.
v. i.1.To play rudely or monotonously on a stringed instrument with the fingers; to strum.
2.Hence, to make a monotonous drumming noise; as, to thrum on a table.
v. t.1.To play, as a stringed instrument, in a rude or monotonous manner.
2.Hence, to drum on; to strike in a monotonous manner; to thrum the table.
Noun1.thrum - a thrumming sound; "he could hear the thrum of a banjo"
Verb1.thrum - sound with a monotonous hum
Synonyms: hum
2.thrum - sound the strings of (a string instrument); "strum a guitar"
Synonyms: strum
3.thrum - make a rhythmic sound; "Rain drummed against the windshield"; "The drums beat all night"
Synonyms: drum, beat
barrage, beat, beat a ruffle, beat a tattoo, beat the drum, beat time, beating, birr, bombilate, bombinate, boom, bum, bumble, burr, buzz, count, count the beats, drone, drum, drum music, drumbeat, drumfire, drumming, flutter, go pitapat, hum, keep time, palpitate, palpitation, paradiddle, patter, pick, pitapat, pitter-patter, play drum, pluck, plunk, pound, pounding, pulsate, pulsation, purr, rat-a-tat, rat-tat, rat-tat-tat, rataplan, rattattoo, roll, rub-a-dub, ruff, ruffle, sound a tattoo, spatter, splatter, splutter, sputter, staccato, strum, sweep the strings, tap, tat-tat, tattoo, throb, throbbing, thump, thumping, tom-tom, twang, whir, whiz
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