suborder Myomorpha

Noun1.suborder Myomorpha - true rats and mice and related rodents
Synonyms: Myomorpha
animal order, Cricetidae, Dipodidae, family Cricetidae, family Dipodidae, family Gliridae, family Spalacidae, family Zapodidae, Gliridae, Muroidea, Myomorpha, order Rodentia, Rodentia, Spalacidae, superfamily Muroidea, Zapodidae
suborder Hyperotreta
suborder Hystricomorpha
suborder Lacertilia
suborder Lari
suborder Lemuroidea
suborder Limicolae
suborder Lipotyphla
suborder Maniraptora
suborder Manteodea
suborder Marginocephalia
suborder Megachiroptera
suborder Megaloptera
suborder Menotyphla
suborder Menurae
suborder Microchiroptera
suborder Mugiloidea
-- suborder Myomorpha --
suborder Mysticeti
suborder Myxiniformes
suborder Myxinoidei
suborder Natantia
suborder Nematocera
suborder Nothosauria
suborder Odontoceti
suborder Ophidia
suborder Ornithomimida
suborder Ornithopoda
suborder Oscines
suborder Osteostraci
suborder Otides
suborder Pachycephalosaurus
suborder Passeres
suborder Percoidea
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