a.1.Having stripes of different colors; streaked.
Striped bass
(Zool.) See under Bass.
Striped maple
(Bot.) a slender American tree (Acer Pennsylvanicum) with finely striped bark. Called also striped dogwood, and moosewood.
Striped mullet
(Zool.) See under Mullet, 2.
Striped snake
(Zool.) the garter snake.
Striped squirrel
(Zool.) the chipmunk.
Adj.1.striped - marked or decorated with stripes
Synonyms: stripy
banded, barred, brinded, brindle, brindled, cancellated, crossbarred, filigreed, grated, gridded, laced, lacelike, lacy, latticelike, lined, listed, marbled, marbleized, meshed, meshy, mullioned, netlike, netted, netty, plexiform, reticular, reticulate, reticulated, retiform, streaked, streaky, striatal, striate, striated, strigate, strigose, striolate, stripy, tabby, veined, watered
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