n.1.One who is strange, foreign, or unknown.
2.One who comes from a foreign land; a foreigner.
I am a most poor woman and a stranger,
Born out of your dominions.
- Shak.
2.One not belonging to the family or household; a guest; a visitor.
To honor and receive
Our heavenly stranger.
- Milton.
3.One whose home is at a distance from the place where he is, but in the same country.
3.(Law) One not privy or party an act, contract, or title; a mere intruder or intermeddler; one who interferes without right; as, actual possession of land gives a good title against a stranger having no title; as to strangers, a mortgage is considered merely as a pledge; a mere stranger to the levy.
4.One who is unknown or unacquainted; as, the gentleman is a stranger to me; hence, one not admitted to communication, fellowship, or acquaintance.
My child is yet a stranger in the world.
- Shak.
I was no stranger to the original.
- Dryden.
v. t.1.To estrange; to alienate.
Noun1.stranger - anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
Synonyms: alien, unknown

STRANGER, persons, contracts. This word has several significations. 1. A person born out of the United States; but in this sense the term alien is more properly applied, until he becomes naturalized. 2. A person who is not privy to an act or contract; example, he who is a stranger to the issue, shall not take advantage of the verdict. Bro. Ab. Record, pl. 3; Vin. Ab. h.t. pl. 1 and vide Com. Dig. Abatement, H 54.
     2. When a man undertakes to do a thing, and a stranger interrupts him, this is no excuse. Com. Dig. Condition, L 14. When a party undertakes that a stranger shall do a certain thing, he becomes liable as soon as the stranger refuses to perform it. Bac. Ab. Conditions, Q 4.

To see a stranger in your dream, symbolizes the part of yourself that is repressed and hidden.Jim Crow, Uitlander, apartheid, auslander, barbarian, color bar, deracine, displaced person, division, emigre, ethnocentrism, exclusiveness, exile, foreign devil, gringo, immigrant, insularity, insulation, isolation, know-nothingism, narrowness, out-group, outcast, outlaw, parochialism, persona non grata, quarantine, race hatred, racial segregation, refugee, seclusion, segregation, separation, snobbishness, the Wandering Jew, tightness, tramontane, transient, ultramontane, visitor, wanderer, xenophobia
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