Pronunciation: stĕm
v. i.1.To gleam.
n.1.A gleam of light; flame.
1.The principal body of a tree, shrub, or plant, of any kind; the main stock; the part which supports the branches or the head or top.
2.A little branch which connects a fruit, flower, or leaf with a main branch; a peduncle, pedicel, or petiole; as, the stem of an apple or a cherry.
3.The stock of a family; a race or generation of progenitors.
While I do pray, learn here thy stem
And true descent.
- Herbert.
4.A branch of a family.
This is a stem
Of that victorious stock.
- Shak.
5.(Naut.) A curved piece of timber to which the two sides of a ship are united at the fore end. The lower end of it is scarfed to the keel, and the bowsprit rests upon its upper end. Hence, the forward part of a vessel; the bow.
6.Fig.: An advanced or leading position; the lookout.
Wolsey sat at the stem more than twenty years.
- Fuller.
7.Anything resembling a stem or stalk; as, the stem of a tobacco pipe; the stem of a watch case, or that part to which the ring, by which it is suspended, is attached.
8.(Bot.) That part of a plant which bears leaves, or rudiments of leaves, whether rising above ground or wholly subterranean.
9.(Zool.) The entire central axis of a feather.
10.(Mus.) The short perpendicular line added to the body of a note; the tail of a crotchet, quaver, semiquaver, etc.
11.(Gram.) The part of an inflected word which remains unchanged (except by euphonic variations) throughout a given inflection; theme; base.
From stem to stern
(Naut.) from one end of the ship to the other, or through the whole length.
Stem leaf
(Bot.) a leaf growing from the stem of a plant, as contrasted with a basal or radical leaf.
v. t.1.To remove the stem or stems from; as, to stem cherries; to remove the stem and its appendages (ribs and veins) from; as, to stem tobacco leaves.
2.To ram, as clay, into a blasting hole.
1.To oppose or cut with, or as with, the stem of a vessel; to resist, or make progress against; to stop or check the flow of, as a current.
[imp. & p. p. Stemmed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Stemming.]
[They] stem the flood with their erected breasts.
- Denham.
v. i.1.To move forward against an obstacle, as a vessel against a current.
Noun1.stem - (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed; "thematic vowels are part of the stem"
2.stem - a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ
Synonyms: stalk
3.stem - cylinder forming a long narrow part of something
Synonyms: shank
4.stem - the tube of a tobacco pipe
5.Stemstem - front part of a vessel or aircraft; "he pointed the bow of the boat toward the finish line"
Synonyms: fore, prow, bow
6.stem - a turn made in skiing; the back of one ski is forced outward and the other ski is brought parallel to it
Synonyms: stem turn
Verb1.stem - grow out of, have roots in, originate in; "The increase in the national debt stems from the last war"
2.stem - cause to point inward; "stem your skis"
3.stem - stop the flow of a liquid; "staunch the blood flow"; "them the tide"
Synonyms: stanch, staunch, halt
4.stem - remove the stem from; "for automatic natural language processing, the words must be stemmed"
IC analysis, Maypole, V, accidence, accrue from, adjutage, advance, affiliation, affix, affixation, affront, allomorph, animal kingdom, ankle, antagonize, anthrophore, apparentation, arise from, arrest, ascender, axis, back, baluster, balustrade, banister, bar, base, bastard type, battle, bayonet legs, be contingent on, be due to, beak, beard, beat against, beat up against, beginning, belly, bevel, bifurcate, birth, black letter, block, blood, bloodline, body, bole, bound morpheme, bow, bowlegs, bows, bowsprit, brake, branch, branch out, brave, breast, breast the wave, breed, bring before, bring forward, bring to, bring up, bring up short, brood, buck, bud from, buffet, buffet the waves, calf, cane, cap, capital, carpophore, caryatid, case, catheter, caudex, caulicle, caulis, challenge, checkmate, clan, class, close with, cnemis, colonnade, column, combat, come, come along, come from, come on, come out of, commencement, common ancestry, compete with, conception, confront, confront with, conjugation, consanguinity, contend against, contest, control, counter, cover ground, crotch, crutch, culm, curb, cut short, cutting, dado, dam, dare, deadlock, declension, defy, delta, deme, depend on, derivation, derive, derive from, descend, descend from, descender, descent, develop, die, difference of form, diminish, direct line, distaff side, divaricate, drainpipe, draw rein, drumstick, efflux tube, em, emanate, emanate from, emerge from, en, enclitic, encounter, ensue from, envisage, extraction, face, face with, family, fan, fat-faced type, feet, female line, fight, fight against, figurehead, filiation, fire hose, flagstaff, flow, flow from, flue pipe, folk, follow from, font, footstalk, forecastle, foredeck, foreleg, forepeak, fork, formative, free form, freeze, front, funicule, funiculus, funnel, furcate, furcula, furculum, gain ground, gamb, gambrel, garden hose, gas pipe, gather head, gather way, generate, genesis, gens, germinate from, get ahead, get along, gigot, go, go ahead, go along, go fast, go forward, go on, grapple with, grass roots, groin, groove, grow, grow from, grow out of, halt, ham, hang on, haulm, head, hind leg, hinge on, hock, hose, hosepipe, house, immediate constituent analysis, inception, infix, infixation, inflection, inguen, issue, issue from, italic, jack, jamb, jib boom, join battle with, kind, knee, labor against, lay before, leafstalk, leg, lessen, letter, ligature, limb, line, line of descent, lineage, logotype, lower case, majuscule, make good time, make head against, make progress, make progress against, make strides, make up leeway, male line, matriclan, meet, meet squarely, militate against, minuscule, morph, morpheme, morphemic analysis, morphemics, morphology, morphophonemics, move, move forward, nation, newel-post, nick, nipple, nose, offer resistance, offshoot, order, organ pipe, origin, original, originate, originate in, origination, paradigm, pass along, pass on, patriclan, pedestal, pedicel, peduncle, people, petiole, petiolule, petiolus, phratry, phyle, phylum, pi, pica, pier, pilaster, pile, piling, pillar, pipe, pipeline, pipette, piping, place before, plant kingdom, plinth, podite, point, pole, popliteal space, post, prefix, prefixation, present to, prevail over, print, proceed, proceed from, proclitic, progress, prong, prore, provenience, prow, pull up, put it to, put paid to, queen-post, quell, race, radical, radix, ramification, ramify, reduce, reed, reed pipe, reluct, reluctate, resist, result, retard, rise, rival, rod, roll, roman, root, rostrum, sans serif, scape, scissor-legs, script, seed, seedstalk, sept, set before, shaft, shank, shin, shoot, shoulder, siamese, siamese connection, side, siphon, slow, small cap, small capital, snorkel, socle, soil pipe, source, spear, spear side, species, spindle side, spire, spring, spring from, sprout, sprout from, staff, stalemate, stall, stamp, stanch, stanchion, stand, standard, standpipe, staunch, stay, steam pipe, stem from, stem the tide, stems, step forward, stick, stipe, stirps, stock, stop cold, stop dead, stop short, strain, straw, strive against, struggle against, stumps, subbase, succession, suffix, suffixation, suppress, surbase, sword side, take on, tap, taproot, tarsus, theme, tigella, tongue, totem, totem pole, travel, tribe, trident, trifurcate, trotters, tube, tubing, tubulation, tubule, tubulet, tubulure, turn on, type, type body, type class, type lice, typecase, typeface, typefounders, typefoundry, upper case, upright, vie with, waste pipe, water pipe, wishbone, withstand, word-formation
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