Stat´ics   Pronunciation: ~ĭks
n.1.That branch of mechanics which treats of the equilibrium of forces, or relates to bodies as held at rest by the forces acting on them; - distinguished from dynamics.
Social statics
the study of the conditions which concern the existence and permanence of the social state.
Noun1.statics - the branch of mechanics concerned with forces in equilibrium
Newtonian physics, acoustics, aerophysics, aerostatics, applied physics, astrophysics, basic conductor physics, biophysics, biostatics, chemical physics, cryogenics, crystallography, cytophysics, dynamics, electron physics, electronics, electrophysics, electrostatics, geophysics, gyrostatics, hydrostatics, macrophysics, mathematical physics, mechanics, medicophysics, microphysics, natural philosophy, natural science, nuclear physics, optics, philosophy, physic, physical chemistry, physical science, physicochemistry, physicomathematics, physics, psychophysics, radiation physics, radionics, rheostatics, solar physics, solid-state physics, stereophysics, stereostatics, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, thermostatics, zoophysics
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