Pronunciation: sprā
n.1.A small shoot or branch; a twig.
2.A collective body of small branches, or cut flowers with long stems; as, the tree has a beautiful spray; many sprays were sent in condolence to teh funeral home.
And from the trees did lop the needless spray.
- Spenser.
3.(Founding) A side channel or branch of the runner of a flask, made to distribute the metal in all parts of the mold.
Spray drain
(Agric.) a drain made by laying under earth the sprays or small branches of trees, which keep passages open.
1.Water flying in small drops or particles, as by the force of wind, or the dashing of waves, or from a waterfall, and the like.
2.(Med.) A jet of fine medicated vapor, used either as an application to a diseased part or to charge the air of a room with a disinfectant or a deodorizer.
Spray condenser
(Steam Engine) an injection condenser in which the steam is condensed by a spray of water which mingles with it.
v. t.1.To let fall in the form of spray.
2.To throw spray upon; to treat with a liquid in the form of spray; as, to spray a wound, or a surgical instrument, with carbolic acid.
Noun1.spray - a pesticide in suspension or solution; intended for spraying
2.Sprayspray - a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine spray
3.spray - a quantity of small objects flying through the air; "a spray of bullets"
Synonyms: spraying
4.spray - flower arrangement consisting of a single branch or shoot bearing flowers and foliage
5.spray - water in small drops in the atmosphere; blown from waves or thrown up by a waterfall
6.spray - a jet of vapor
Verb1.spray - be discharged in sprays of liquid; "Water sprayed all over the floor"
2.spray - scatter in a mass or jet of droplets; "spray water on someone"; "spray paint on the wall"
3.spray - cover by spraying with a liquid; "spray the wall with paint"
aerate, aerify, aerosol, antiaircraft barrage, appendage, arm, asperge, aspergil, aspergillum, atomize, atomizer, barrage, bedew, bespatter, besprinkle, bine, bough, boughpot, bouquet, boutonniere, bowshot, box barrage, branch, branchedness, branchiness, breakers, broadside, bullet, burgeon, burst, buttonhole, cannon, cannonade, cannonry, carbonate, censer, chaplet, chlorinate, clyster, collar, concentrate sprayer, corsage, creeping barrage, dabble, damp, dampen, dash, deadwood, detonation, dew, diffuse, discharge, disperse, distill, douche, drizzle, drumfire, ejection, emergency barrage, emit, enema, enfilade, etherify, etherize, evaporate, evaporator, exhale, festoon, flagellum, flower arrangement, fluidize, flush, foam, font, fork, fount, fountain, fountain syringe, fractionate, frond, froth, fume, fumigate, fumigator, fusillade, garland, gasify, geyser, give off, gun, gunfire, gunshot, gush, hand, head, hose, hose down, humect, humectate, humidify, hydrogenate, imp, incense burner, incensory, irrigate, jet, joint, lather, leg, lei, limb, link, lobe, lobule, member, meringue, mist, mist concentrate sprayer, moisten, mortar barrage, mousse, needle bath, normal barrage, nosegay, nozzle, odorator, odorizer, offscum, offshoot, organ, oxygenate, paddle, parfumoir, perfume, perfumer, pinion, plash, play, pomander, posy, potpourri, potshot, pouncet-box, puff, purse atomizer, ramage, ramification, reek, retort, runner, rush, sachet, salvo, sarment, scatter, scent bag, scent ball, scent bottle, scent box, scenter, scion, scud, scum, sea foam, send out, shoot, shot, shower, shower bath, shower head, slip, slobber, slop, slosh, smelling bottle, smoke, soapsuds, souffle, sparge, sparger, spear, spew, spindrift, spit, splatter, sponge, spoondrift, spout, spouter, spray can, sprayer, spread, sprig, sprinkle, sprinkler, sprinkler head, sprinkling, sprinkling system, sprit, spritz, sprout, spume, spur, spurt, spurtle, squirt, standing barrage, steam, still, stinging, stolon, stoneshot, sublimate, sublime, sucker, suds, surf, surge, swash, switch, syringe, tail, tattoo, tendril, thallus, thurible, twig, vaporize, vaporizer, vinaigrette, volatilize, volley, vomit, vomit forth, vomit out, water, watercart, watering can, watering pot, well, wet, wet down, white water, wing, wreath
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