a.1.Uttering speech; used for conveying speech; as, man is a speaking animal; a speaking tube.
2.Seeming to be capable of speech; hence, lifelike; as, a speaking likeness.
A speaking acquaintance
a slight acquaintance with a person, or one which merely permits the exchange of salutations and remarks on indifferent subjects.
Speaking trumpet
an instrument somewhat resembling a trumpet, by which the sound of the human voice may be so intensified as to be conveyed to a great distance.
Speaking tube
a tube for conveying speech, especially from one room to another at a distance.
To be on speaking terms
to be slightly acquainted.
n.1.The act of uttering words.
2.Public declamation; oratory.
Noun1.speaking - the utterance of intelligible speech
2.Speakingspeaking - delivering an address to a public audience; "people came to see the candidates and hear the speechmaking"
Adj.1.speaking - capable of or involving speech or speaking; "human beings--the speaking animals"; "a speaking part in the play"
nonspeaking, walk-on - not capable of or especially not involving speech or spoken lines; "had a nonspeaking role in the play"
2.speaking - capable of speech; "the speaking animal"
Synonyms: speech-endowed
ESP, accents, answer, articulate, breathing, chatter, comment, commerce, communication, communion, congress, connection, contact, conversation, converse, correspondence, dealing, dealings, debating, declamation, demagogism, discourse, elocution, eloquence, eloquent, exchange, faithful, forensics, free-speaking, free-spoken, gab, homiletics, information, interaction, interchange, intercommunication, intercommunion, intercourse, interplay, language, lecturing, lifelike, linguistic act, linguistic intercourse, living, locution, loud-speaking, loud-spoken, message, natural, oral communication, oratory, outspoken, palaver, parol, parole, phonation, plain-speaking, plain-spoken, platform oratory, prattle, public speaking, pyrotechnics, rabble-rousing, rapping, realistic, reply, response, rhetoric, sequence of phonemes, social intercourse, soft-speaking, soft-spoken, speech, speech act, speech circuit, speech situation, speechcraft, speechification, speeching, speechmaking, string, stump speaking, talk, talkative, talking, telepathy, the spoken word, to the life, tongue, touch, traffic, truck, true to life, true to nature, true-speaking, two-way communication, utterance, utterance string, verbalization, vocable, voice, well-spoken, word, word of mouth, wordcraft, words, yakkety-yak, yakking
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