Pronunciation: sōl
n.1.(Zool.) Any one of several species of flatfishes of the genus Solea and allied genera of the family Soleidæ, especially the common European species (Solea vulgaris), which is a valuable food fish.
(Zool.) a European species of sole (Solea pegusa).
Smooth sole
(Zool.) the megrim.
1.The bottom of the foot; hence, also, rarely, the foot itself.
The dove found no rest for the sole of her foot.
- Gen. viii. 9.
2.The bottom of a shoe or boot, or the piece of leather which constitutes the bottom.
3.(Agric.) The bottom or lower part of anything, or that on which anything rests in standing.
Sole leather
thick, strong, used for making the soles of boots and shoes, and for other purposes.
v. t.1.To furnish with a sole; as, to sole a shoe.
[imp. & p. p. Soled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Soling.]
a.1.Being or acting without another; single; individual; only.
He, be sure . . . first and last will reign
Sole king.
- Milton.
2.(Law) Single; unmarried; as, a feme sole.
Corporation sole
See the Note under Corporation.
Noun1.sole - the underside of footwear or a golfclub
2.sole - lean flesh of any of several flatfish
Synonyms: fillet of sole
3.sole - the underside of the foot
4.sole - right-eyed flatfish; many are valued as food; most common in warm seas especially European
Verb1.sole - put a new sole on; "sole the shoes"
Synonyms: resole
Adj.1.sole - not divided or shared with others; "they have exclusive use of the machine"; "sole rights of publication"
Synonyms: exclusive
2.sole - being the only one; single and isolated from others; "the lone doctor in the entire county"; "a lonesome pine"; "an only child"; "the sole heir"; "the sole example"; "a solitary instance of cowardice"; "a solitary speck in the sky"
Synonyms: lonesome, only, lone, solitary

SOLE. Alone, single; used in contradistinction to joint or married. A sole tenant, therefore, is one who holds lands in his own right, without being joined with any other. A feme sole is a single woman; a sole corporation is one composed of only one natural person.

a certain, absolute, an, any, any one, arch, atomic, azygous, bachelorlike, base, baseboard, basement, celibate, chassis, clubfoot, dado, digit, dog, either, exclusive, extremity, fetlock, first and last, foot, footing, forefoot, forepaw, foundation, frame, harefoot, heel, hoof, husbandless, impair, individual, indivisible, instep, integral, irreducible, keel, maiden, maidenly, monadic, monistic, mopboard, nadir, odd, old-maidish, one, one and only, only-begotten, pad, particular, pastern, patte, paw, pedal extremity, pedes, personal, pes, pied, pug, separate, shoemold, simple, singular, solid, solitary, solo, spinsterish, spinsterlike, spinsterly, splayfoot, spouseless, toe, tootsy, trotter, unanalyzable, underneath, underside, undivided, unexampled, ungula, uniform, unique, unitary, unmarried, unpaired, unrepeatable, unrepeated, unshared, unwed, unwedded, virgin, virginal, wainscot, whole
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