v. t.1.To form raised work upon the outer surface of (thin metal ware) by the repercussion of a snarling iron upon the inner surface.
[imp. & p. p. Snarled ; p. pr. & vvb. n. Snarling.]
1.To entangle; to complicate; to involve in knots; as, to snarl a skein of thread.
2.To embarrass; to insnare.
n.1.A knot or complication of hair, thread, or the like, difficult to disentangle; entanglement; hence, intricate complication; embarrassing difficulty.
v. i.1.To growl, as an angry or surly dog; to gnarl; to utter grumbling sounds.
2.To speak crossly; to talk in rude, surly terms.
n.1.The act of snarling; a growl; a surly or peevish expression; an angry contention.
Noun1.snarl - a vicious angry growl
2.snarl - an angry vicious expression
3.snarl - something jumbled or confused; "a tangle of government regulations"
Synonyms: maze, tangle
Verb1.snarl - utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone; "The sales clerky snapped a reply at the angry customer"; "The guard snarled at us"
Synonyms: snap
2.snarl - make a snarling noise or move with a snarling noise; "Bullets snarled past us"
3.snarl - twist together or entwine into a confusing mass; "The child entangled the cord"
Synonyms: mat, entangle, tangle
unsnarl, disentangle, straighten out - extricate from entanglement; "Can you disentangle the cord?"
4.snarl - make more complicated or confused through entanglements
Synonyms: embrangle, snarl up
Chinese puzzle, Gordian knot, Rube Goldberg contraption, allure, altercation, argument, ataxia, bait the hook, ball up, bark, bawl, belch, bellow, bicker, birdlime, blare, blat, blood feud, blubber, boom, brawl, bray, breathe, broil, burden, burr, buzz, cackle, can of worms, catch, catch out, caw, chant, chaos, chirp, chirr, clang, clangor, clank, clash, clutter, color, complex, complexity, complicate, complication, confound, confuse, contention, controversy, coo, cramp, craunch, cripple, croak, crow, crump, crunch, cumber, decoy, difficulty, dilemma, disarray, disorder, dispute, donnybrook, donnybrook fair, drawl, embarrass, embrangle, embroilment, encumber, enmesh, ensnare, ensnarl, entangle, entanglement, entoil, entrammel, entrap, entwine, enweb, exclaim, fetter, feud, fight, fix, fliting, flush, flute, foul up, fracas, frown, fuss, gasp, gin, glare, glower, gnarl, grimace, grind, groan, growl, grumble, grunt, hamper, hamstring, handicap, hiss, hobble, hook, hook in, howl, huddle, imbroglio, impede, implicate, intricacy, intricateness, inveigle, involve, jam, jangle, jar, jungle, keen, kink, knot, labyrinth, lame, lilt, lime, logomachy, look daggers, louse up, lower, lumber, lure, mantle, maze, meander, mesh, mess, mess up, mishmash, mix up, moan, morass, moue, mow, muck up, muddle, mumble, murmur, mutter, net, noose, open quarrel, pant, perplex, pickle, pipe, polemic, pout, predicament, press down, problem, quandary, quarrel, ramify, rasp, ravel, redden, rictus, roar, rumble, saddle with, scowl, scramble, scranch, scrape, scratch, scream, screech, screw up, scrunch, shackle, sharp words, shriek, sibilate, sigh, sing, skein, slanging match, snafu, snag, snake pit, snap, snare, snarl up, sniggle, snore, snort, sob, sough, spat, spit, spread the toils, squabble, squall, squawk, squeal, strife, swarm, tangle, tangled skein, thunder, tiff, tight spot, toil, topsy-turviness, trammel, trap, trip, trumpet, tussle, twang, twist, vendetta, wail, warble, web, webwork, weigh down, wheels within wheels, whine, whisper, whistle, wilderness, wind, words, wrangle, wry face, wry mouth, yap, yawp, yell, yelp
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