v. t.1.To close so as to hinder ingress or egress; as, to shut a door or a gate; to shut one's eyes or mouth.
[imp. & p. p. Shut; p. pr. & vb. n. Shutting.]
2.To forbid entrance into; to prohibit; to bar; as, to shut the ports of a country by a blockade.
Shall that be shut to man which to the beast
Is open?
- Milton.
3.To preclude; to exclude; to bar out.
4.To fold together; to close over, as the fingers; to close by bringing the parts together; as, to shut the hand; to shut a book.
To shut in
a - To inclose; to confine
b - To cover or intercept the view of; as, one point shuts in another.
- Cen. vii. 16.
To shut off
a - To exclude
b - To prevent the passage of, as steam through a pipe, or water through a flume, by closing a cock, valve, or gate.
To shut out
to preclude from entering; to deny admission to; to exclude; as, to shut out rain by a tight roof.
To shut together
to unite; to close, especially to close by welding.
To shut up
a - To close; to make fast the entrances into; as, to shut up a house.
b - To obstruct
c - To inclose; to confine; to imprison; to fasten in; as, to shut up a prisoner.
- Sir W. Raleigh.
v. i.1.To close itself; to become closed; as, the door shuts; it shuts hard.
To shut up
to cease speaking.
- T. Hughes.
a.1.Closed or fastened; as, a shut door.
2.Rid; clear; free; as, to get shut of a person.
3.(Phon.) Formed by complete closure of the mouth passage, and with the nose passage remaining closed; stopped, as are the mute consonants, p, t, k, b, d, and hard g.
n.1.The act or time of shutting; close; as, the shut of a door.
2.A door or cover; a shutter.
3.The line or place where two pieces of metal are united by welding.
Cold shut
the imperfection in a casting caused by the flowing of liquid metal upon partially chilled metal; also, the imperfect weld in a forging caused by the inadequate heat of one surface under working.
Verb1.shut - move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut; "Close the door"; "shut the window"
Synonyms: close
2.shut - become closed; "The windows closed with a loud bang"
Synonyms: close
3.shut - prevent from entering; shut out; "The trees were shutting out all sunlight"; "This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country"
Adj.1.shut - not open; "the door slammed shut"
Synonyms: unopen, closed
open, unfastened - affording unobstructed entrance and exit; not shut or closed; "an open door"; "they left the door open"
2.shut - used especially of mouth or eyes; "he sat quietly with closed eyes"; "his eyes were shut against the sunlight"
Synonyms: closed
ban, bang, bar, barricade, batten, batten down, blank, blind, blind-alley, block out, bolt, bolted, bottle up, box in, button, button up, cease, cecal, choke, choke off, choked, choked off, clap, close down, close off, close up, closed, conceal, confine, constrict, constricted, contain, contract, contracted, coop up, cover, cut, cut off, cut out, dead, dead-end, debar, disallow, discontinue, douse, eliminate, exclude, fasten, fastened, fence in, fold, fold up, gag, halt, hide, immure, imprison, incarcerate, intern, isolate, jail, keep away, keep in, keep out, keep quiet, key, kill, latch, leave off, lock, lock out, lock up, locked up, mask, mute, occlude, padlock, pen, plumb, prohibit, put to, quieten, screen, seal off, seal up, seclude, secure, segregate, send to Coventry, separate, sequester, shush, shut down, shut in, shut off, shut out, shut the door, shut up, silence, slam, snap, squeeze shut, squeezed shut, stifle, strangle, strangulated, suspend, switch off, turn off, unopen, unopened, unvented, unventilated, veil, zip up, zipper
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