Pronunciation: skăn
v. t.1.To mount by steps; to go through with step by step.
[imp. & p. p. Scanned (skănd); p. pr. & vb. n. Scanning.]
2.(Pros.) Specifically (Pros.), to go through with, as a verse, marking and distinguishing the feet of which it is composed; to show, in reading, the metrical structure of; to recite metrically.
3.To go over and examine point by point; to examine with care; to look closely at or into; to scrutinize.
4.To examine quickly, from point to point, in search of something specific; as, to scan an article for mention of a particular person.
5.(Electronics) To form an image or an electronic representation of, by passing a beam of light or electrons over, and detecting and recording the reflected or transmitted signal.
Noun1.scan - the act of scanning; systematic examination of a prescribed region; "he made a thorough scan of the beach with his binoculars"
2.scan - an image produced by scanning; "he analyzed the brain scan"; "you could see the tumor in the CAT scan"
Synonyms: CAT scan
Verb1.scan - examine minutely or intensely; "the surgeon scanned the X-ray"
2.scan - examine hastily; "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi"
3.scan - make a wide, sweeping search of; "The beams scanned the night sky"
4.scan - conform to a metrical pattern
5.scan - move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image
6.scan - read metrically; "scan verses"
7.scan - obtain data from magnetic tapes; "This dictionary can be read by the computer"
Synonyms: read
1.SCAN - ["A Parallel Implementation of the SCAN Language", N.G. Bourbakis, Comp Langs 14(4):239-254 (1989)].
2.SCAN - A real-time language from DEC.

3.scan - (computer peripheral) See scanner.
4.scan - (circuit design) See scan design.
5.scan - (functional programming) See scanl, scanr.
6.(storage, algorithm)scan - An algorithm for scheduling multiple accesses to a disk. A number of requests are ordered according to the data's position on the storage device. This reduces the disk arm movement to one "scan" or sweep across the whole disk in the worst case. The serivce time can be estimated from the disk's track-to-track seek time, maximum seek time (one scan), and maximum rotational latency.

Scan-EDF is a variation on this.
Switched-Circuit Automatic Networkalliterate, analysis, assonate, audit, autopsy, block out, browse, canvass, cap verses, check, check out, check over, check up on, command, con, delve into, detail, dip into, domination, enumerate, examination, examine cursorily, eyereach, eyeshot, eyesight, field of view, field of vision, flip through, give an examination, give the once-over, glance, glance at, glance over, glance through, go over, home on, horizon, identify, inspect, inspection, investigate, itemize, jingle, ken, limit of vision, line of sight, look, look at, look over, map, monitor, naked eye, number, observation, observe, outline, outlook, outlook over, overhaul, overhauling, overlook, overview, page through, parse, pass over, pass over lightly, pass under review, peer at, perlustration, perspective, perusal, peruse, pick up, pinpoint, pore over, postmortem, prospect, quality control, range, receive, reconnaissance, research, resolve, review, rhyme, run over, run through, run-through, schematize, scope, scope of vision, scrutinize, scrutiny, set an examination, sight, sightliness, size, size up, skim, skim over, skip over, slip through, slur, slur over, spot, study, survey, sweep, take stock of, take the measure, thumb over, thumb through, touch upon, touch upon lightly, trigger, tune in, view, visitation, vista, zip through
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