n.1.The act of one who, or that which, sails; the motion of a vessel on water, impelled by wind or steam; the act of starting on a voyage.
2.(Naut.) The art of managing a vessel; seamanship; navigation; as, globular sailing; oblique sailing.
Sailing master
(U. S. Navy) formerly, a warrant officer, ranking next below a lieutenant, whose duties were to navigate the vessel; and under the direction of the executive officer, to attend to the stowage of the hold, to the cables, rigging, etc. The grade was merged in that of master in 1862.
Noun1.sailing - the work of a sailor
2.sailing - riding in a sailboat
3.sailing - the departure of a vessel from a port
4.sailing - the activity of flying a glider
Adj.1.sailing - traveling by boat or ship
Synonyms: at sea
To dream that you are sailing on peaceful waters, suggests that you are living life with ease. You will achieve success without major barriers.aeronautics, air service, airline, astronautics, aviation, ballooning, blind flying, boating, canoeing, circumnavigation, cloud-seeding, coasting, commercial aviation, contact flying, cruising, flight, flow, flowing, flying, general aviation, glide, gliding, gunkholing, motorboating, navigability, navigating, navigation, passage-making, periplus, pilotage, rowing, sailplaning, sculling, sea travel, seafaring, skating, skiing, skim, sledding, slide, sliding, slipping, slither, slithering, soaring, steaming, sweep, sweeping, tobogganing, travel by water, voyaging, water travel, winging, yachting
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