a.1.Set apart by solemn religious ceremony; especially, in a good sense, made holy; set apart to religious use; consecrated; not profane or common; as, a sacred place; a sacred day; sacred service.
2.Relating to religion, or to the services of religion; not secular; religious; as, sacred history.
Smit with the love of sacred song.
- Milton.
3.Designated or exalted by a divine sanction; possessing the highest title to obedience, honor, reverence, or veneration; entitled to extreme reverence; venerable.
4.Hence, not to be profaned or violated; inviolable.
Secrets of marriage still are sacred held.
- Dryden.
5.Consecrated; dedicated; devoted; - with to.
A temple, sacred to the queen of love.
- Dryden.
6.Solemnly devoted, in a bad sense, as to evil, vengeance, curse, or the like; accursed; baleful.
But, to destruction sacred and devote.
- Milton.
Society of the Sacred Heart
(R.C. Ch.) a religious order of women, founded in France in 1800, and approved in 1826. It was introduced into America in 1817. The members of the order devote themselves to the higher branches of female education.
Sacred baboon
(Zool.) See Hamadryas.
Sacred bean
(Bot.) a seed of the Oriental lotus (Nelumbo speciosa or Nelumbium speciosum), a plant resembling a water lily; also, the plant itself. See Lotus.
Sacred beetle
(Zool.) See Scarab.
Sacred canon
See Canon, n., 3.
Sacred fish
(Zool.) any one of numerous species of fresh-water African fishes of the family Mormyridæ. Several large species inhabit the Nile and were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians; especially Mormyrus oxyrhynchus.
Sacred ibis
See Ibis.
Sacred monkey
a - (Zool.) Any Asiatic monkey of the genus Semnopithecus, regarded as sacred by the Hindoos; especially, the entellus. See Entellus.
b - The sacred baboon.
c - The bhunder, or rhesus monkey.
Sacred place
(Civil Law) the place where a deceased person is buried.
Adj.1.sacred - concerned with religion or religious purposes; "sacred texts"; "sacred rites"; "sacred music"
profane - not sacred or concerned with religion; "sacred and profane music"; "children being brought up in an entirely profane environment"
2.sacred - worthy of respect or dedication; "saw motherhood as woman's sacred calling"
3.sacred - made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use; "a consecrated chursh"; "the sacred mosque"; "sacred elephants"; "sacred bread and wine"; "sanctified wine"
4.sacred - worthy of religious veneration; "the sacred name of Jesus"; "Jerusalem's hallowed soil"
Synonyms: hallowed
5.sacred - (often followed by `to') devoted exclusively to a single use or purpose or person; "a fund sacred to charity"; "a morning hour sacred to study"; "a private office sacred to the President"
(jargon)sacred - Reserved for exclusive use by something. The term might mean only writable by whatever it is sacred to.

For example, "Register 7 is sacred to the interrupt handler" would mean that if any other code changed the contents of register 7, dire consequences would ensue.
all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing, all-wise, almighty, alto, angelic, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, baritone, bass, boundless, bravura, ceremonial, changeless, cherished, choral, choric, churchly, coloratura, creating, creative, dedicated, defended, dramatic, ecclesiastical, eternal, eternally the same, everlasting, falsetto, glorious, godly, good, guarded, heavenly, heroic, hieratic, highest, hymnal, immortal, immune, immutable, ineffable, inenarrable, inexpressible, infinite, inviolable, inviolate, just, limitless, liturgical, loving, luminous, lyric, majestic, making, merciful, numinous, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, one, operatic, permanent, perpetual, priestly, protected, psalmic, psalmodial, psalmodic, radiant, revered, ritual, sacramental, sacrosanct, sainted, saintly, sanctified, shaping, shielded, singing, solemn, soprano, sovereign, spiritual, supreme, tenor, the holy, the ineffable, the inenarrable, the inexpressible, the numinous, the unspeakable, the unutterable, timeless, treble, ubiquitous, unbounded, unchanging, undefined, unlimited, unspeakable, untouchable, unutterable, venerable, venerated, vocal
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