Pronunciation: rout
v. i.1.To roar; to bellow; to snort; to snore loudly.
n.1.A bellowing; a shouting; noise; clamor; uproar; disturbance; tumult.
v. t.1.To scoop out with a gouge or other tool; to furrow.
To rout out
a - To turn up to view, as if by rooting; to discover; to find
b - To turn out by force or compulsion; as, to rout people out of bed.
v. i.1.To search or root in the ground, as a swine.
n.1.A troop; a throng; a company; an assembly; especially, a traveling company or throng.
A rout of people there assembled were.
- Spenser.
2.A disorderly and tumultuous crowd; a mob; hence, the rabble; the herd of common people.
The ringleader and head of all this rout.
- Shak.
Nor do I name of men the common rout.
- Milton.
3.The state of being disorganized and thrown into confusion; - said especially of an army defeated, broken in pieces, and put to flight in disorder or panic; also, the act of defeating and breaking up an army; as, the rout of the enemy was complete.
thy army . . .
Dispersed in rout, betook them all to fly.
- Daniel.
4.(Law) A disturbance of the peace by persons assembled together with intent to do a thing which, if executed, would make them rioters, and actually making a motion toward the executing thereof.
5.A fashionable assembly, or large evening party.
To put to rout
to defeat and throw into confusion; to overthrow and put to flight.
v. t.1.To break the ranks of, as troops, and put them to flight in disorder; to put to rout.
[imp. & p. p. Routed; p. pr. & vb. n. Routing.]
v. i.1.To assemble in a crowd, whether orderly or disorderly; to collect in company.
Noun1.Routrout - a disorderly crowd of people
Synonyms: mob, rabble
2.rout - an overwhelming defeat
Verb1.rout - cause to flee; "rout out the fighters from their caves"
Synonyms: rout out, expel
2.rout - dig with the snout; "the pig was rooting for truffles"
Synonyms: rootle, root
3.rout - make a groove in
Synonyms: gouge
4.rout - defeat disastrously

ROUT, crim. law. A disturbance of the peace by persons assembled together with an intention to do a thing, which, if executed, would have made them rioters, and actually making a motion towards the execution of their purpose.
     2. It generally agrees in all particulars with a riot, except only in this, that it may be a complete offence without the execution of the intended enterprise. Hawk. c. 65, s. 14; 1 Russ. on Cr. 253; 4 Bl. Com. 140; Vin. Abr. Riots, &c., A 2 Com. Dig. Forcible Entry, D 9.

a mass of, a world of, agitation, and bobtail, annihilate, army, attendance, attendant, bafflement, balk, batter, bawl, beating, bellow, best, bevy, bluster, bobbery, body of retainers, boil, boiling, bring down, brouhaha, bunch, bustle, cakewalk, canaille, chase, chase out, check, checkmate, churn, clamor, clobber, cloud, cluster, clutter, cohort, cohue, collapse, common ruck, commotion, confound, confusion, conquest, conturbation, cortege, court, covey, cream, crowd, crush, debacle, defeasance, deluge, demolish, destroy, devastate, dig out, discomfit, discomfiture, discomposure, disorder, dispel, dispersal, disquiet, disquietude, disturbance, do away with, do in, dregs, drive, drive out, drub, drubbing, drum out, dust, ebullition, eliminate, embroilment, entourage, eradicate, excitement, expel, exterminate, ferment, fermentation, fever, feverishness, fidgets, flap, flatten, flight, flock, flocks, flood, flurry, fluster, flutteration, foil, follower, following, foment, force out, freeze out, frustration, fume, fuss, galaxy, hail, harry out, heap, hiding, hive, hoi polloi, horde, host, hubbub, hunt down, hunt out, hurly-burly, inquietude, jam, jitters, jumpiness, knock off, lambaste, large amount, lay waste, legion, lick, licking, liquidate, lots, maelstrom, make mincemeat of, malaise, mangle, many, mass, massacre, masses, masses of, mob, moil, muchness, multitude, murder, mutilate, nerviness, nervosity, nervousness, nest, numbers, obliterate, other half, overpower, overrun, overthrow, overwhelm, pack, panic, panoply, parasite, perturbation, plurality, polish off, press, proletariat, pulverize, push out, put down, put to flight, put to rout, quantities, quite a few, rabble, rabblement, rag, ragtag, ragtag and bobtail, ravage, rebuff, repulse, restlessness, retinue, reversal, reverse, ride roughshod over, riffraff, roar, roil, romp, rout out, row, ruck, ruin, run out, satellite, scatter, scores, seethe, seething, setback, shatter, shellac, shellacking, shoal, skunk, smash, smoke out, smother, spate, squash, stampede, stifle, stir, subjugate, subjugation, suite, suppress, swarm, swirl, tag, thrash, thrashing, throng, tidy sum, to-do, topple, train, trample, trash, trepidation, trepidity, trim, trounce, trouncing, tumult, tumultuation, turbidity, turbulence, turmoil, twitter, unease, unrest, upset, vanquishment, walkaway, walkover, wallop, warming, whip, wipe out, worlds of, worst
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