Re`tain´   Pronunciation: rė`tān´
v. t.1.To continue to hold; to keep in possession; not to lose, part with, or dismiss; to restrain from departure, escape, or the like.
[imp. & p. p. Retained (rė*tānd"); p. pr. & vb. n. Retaining.]
An executor may retain a debt due to him from the testator.
- Blackstone.
2.To keep in pay; to employ by a preliminary fee paid; to hire; to engage; as, to retain a counselor.
3.To restrain; to prevent.
Retaining wall
(Arch. & Engin.) a wall built to keep any movable backing, or a bank of sand or earth, in its place; - called also retain wall.
v. i.1.To belong; to pertain.
2.To keep; to continue; to remain.
Verb1.retain - hold within; "This soil retains water"; "I retain this drug for a long time"
2.retain - allow to remain in a place or position; "We cannot continue several servants any longer"; "She retains a lawyer"; "The family's fortune waned and they could not keep their household staff"; "Our grant has run out and we cannot keep you on"; "We kept the work going as long as we could"
3.retain - secure and keep for possible future use or application; "The landlord retained the security deposit"; "I reserve the right to disagree"
4.retain - keep in one's mind; "I cannot retain so much information"

TO RETAIN, practice. To engage the services of an attorney or counsellor to manage a cause, at which time it is usual to give him a fee, called the retaining fee. The act by which the attorney is authorized to act in the case is called a retainer.
     2. Although it is not indispensable that the retainer should be in writing, unless required by the other side, it is very expedient. It is therefore recommended, particularly when the client is a stranger, to require from him a written retainer, signed by himself; and, in order to avoid the insinuation that it was obtained by contrivance, it should be witnessed by one or more respectable persons. When there are several plaintiffs, it should be signed by all and not by one for himself and the others, especially if they are trustees or assignees of a bankrupt or insolvent. The retainer should also state whether it be given for a general or a qualified authority. Vide the form of a retainer in 3 Chit. Pr. 116, note m.
     3. There is an implied contract on the part of an attorney who has been retained, that he will use due diligence in the course of legal proceedings, but it is not an undertaking to recover a judgment. Wright, R. 446. An attorney is bound to act with the most scrupulous honor, he ought to disclose to his client if he has any adverse retainer which may affect his judgment, or his client's interest; but the concealment of the fact does not necessarily imply fraud. 3 Mason's R. 305; 2 Greenl. Ev. Sec. 139.

absorb, balance, ballast, bear in mind, bespeak, book, bottle up, brief, brood over, cherish, cite, commission, conserve, contain, cork up, counterbalance, detain, dwell on, dwell upon, engage, enjoy, extend, fan the embers, firm, firm up, freeze, hang on to, have in mind, hold back, hold in, hold in mind, hold on to, husband, immobilize, inhibit, keep alive, keep back, keep by one, keep going, keep in, keep in memory, keep in mind, keep in reserve, keep in store, keep in view, keep on hand, keep out, keep up, lay by, lengthen, lock in, maintain, memorize, mind, nail down, own, perpetuate, pin down, possess, preengage, preserve, prolong, protract, put apart, put aside, put by, recollect, recruit, remind, reminisce, repress, reserve, retrospect, revive, save, save up, set apart, set aside, set by, sign on, sign up, sign up for, soak up, stabilitate, stabilize, steady, stick, suppress, sustain, take into employment, take on, transfix, treasure, withhold
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