Re`serve´   Pronunciation: r?-z?rv´
v. t.1.To keep back; to retain; not to deliver, make over, or disclose.
[imp. & p. p. Reserved. (z rvd");p. pr. & vb. n. Reserving.]
2.Hence, to keep in store for future or special use; to withhold from present use for another purpose or time; to keep; to retain; to make a reservation{7}.
3.To make an exception of; to except.
n.1.The act of reserving, or keeping back; reservation.
2.That which is reserved, or kept back, as for future use.
3.That which is excepted; exception.
Each has some darling lust, which pleads for a reserve.
- Rogers.
4.Restraint of freedom in words or actions; backwardness; caution in personal behavior.
5.A tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose; as, the Connecticut Reserve in Ohio, originally set apart for the school fund of Connecticut; the Clergy Reserves in Canada, for the support of the clergy.
6.(Mil.) A body of troops in the rear of an army drawn up for battle, reserved to support the other lines as occasion may require; a force or body of troops kept for an exigency.
7.(Banking) Funds kept on hand to meet liabilities.
8.(Finance) That part of the assets of a bank or other financial institution specially kept in cash in a more or less liquid form as a reasonable provision for meeting all demands which may be made upon it;
9.In exhibitions, a distinction which indicates that the recipient will get a prize if another should be disqualified.
10.(Calico Printing) A resist.
11.A preparation used on an object being electroplated to fix the limits of the deposit.
Noun1.reserve - formality and propriety of manner
Synonyms: modesty
2.reserve - something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose
Synonyms: stockpile, backlog
3.reserve - an athlete who plays only when another member of the team drops out
Synonyms: substitute
4.reserve - (medicine) potential capacity to respond in order to maintain vital functions
5.reserve - a district that is reserved for particular purpose
Synonyms: reservation
6.reserve - armed forces that are not on active duty but can be called in an emergency
7.reserve - the trait of being uncommunicative; not volunteering anything more than necessary
Verb1.reserve - hold back or set aside, especially for future use or contingency; "they held back their applause in anticipation"
2.reserve - give or assign a share of money or time to a particular person or cause; "I will earmark this money for your research"
3.reserve - obtain or arrange (for oneself) in advance; "We managed to reserve a table at Maxim's"
4.reserve - arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance; "reserve me a seat on a flight"; "The agent booked tickets to the show for the whole family"; "please hold a table at Maxim's"
Synonyms: book, hold
Adj.1.reserve - not engaged in military action
Synonyms: inactive
2.reserve - kept in reserve especially for emergency use; "a reserve supply of food"; "a spare tire"; "spare parts"
Synonyms: spare
Indian reservation, abstain, accessible, adjourn, allocate, allot, aloofness, alternate, alternative, aplomb, appoint, appropriate to, archives, assign, assign to, auxiliary, available, avoidance, backlog, backup, backwardness, bank, bashfulness, bespeak, bird sanctuary, blankness, book, brachylogy, brevity, brief, briefness, brusqueness, cache, charter, chilliness, coldness, compactness, compendiousness, conciseness, concision, conserve, constraint, continue, contract for, coolness, counterfeit, crispness, curtness, defer, delay, destine, detachment, detail, detain, discreetness, discretion, dispense with, distance, do without, dodging, drag out, dummy, earmark, employ, engage, equivalent, ersatz, evasion, expressionlessness, extend, extra, fake, fate, forbear, forest preserve, forgo, formality, fresh, frigidity, frostiness, fudging, game reserve, guardedness, hang fire, hang up, hedging, held back, held in reserve, held out, hesitancy, hesitation, hire, hoard, hold back, hold off, hold over, hold up, husband, iciness, imitation, impassiveness, impassivity, impersonality, in abeyance, in hand, in readiness, in reserve, in store, inaccessibility, introversion, inventory, keep back, keep by one, keep in hand, keep in reserve, keep in store, keep on hand, lay aside, lay by, lay over, let alone, library, limit, limitation, lot, make assignments, makeshift, mark off, mark out for, mint, mock, modesty, museum, national forest, national park, nest egg, new, not touch, not use, on call, on hand, on tap, ordain, original, paradise, park, phony, pigeonhole, pinch, pithiness, pointedness, portion off, postpone, preengage, preserve, pristine, prolong, prorogate, prorogue, protract, provisional, proxy, push aside, put apart, put aside, put by, put off, put on ice, ready, recess, recruit, refrain, register, reinforcements, remoteness, repression, reservation, reserve fund, reserve supply, reservedness, reserves, reservoir, resource, restraint, restrict, restrict to, restriction, retain, reticence, reticency, retirement, retiring disposition, sanctuary, save up, saved, savings, schedule, secondary, secure, self-control, self-restraint, sententiousness, set, set apart, set aside, set by, set off, shelve, shift off, shortness, sign on, sign up, sign up for, sinking fund, sleep on, something in reserve, spare, stand over, standoffishness, state forest, stave off, stay, stockpile, stopgap, stored, stretch out, subduedness, substitute, succinctness, summariness, supply, suppression, suspend, suspended, table, taciturnity, tag, take a recess, take into employment, take on, temporary, tentative, terseness, to spare, token, unaffability, unapplied, unapproachability, unbeaten, uncongeniality, unconsumed, undemonstrativeness, unemployed, unexercised, unexpansiveness, unexpended, unexpended balance, unhandled, unspent, untapped, untouched, untrodden, unused, unutilized, utility, vicarious, waive, waived, wilderness preserve, wildlife preserve, withdrawal, withdrawnness, withhold
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Reservatio non debet esse de proficuis ipsis quia ea conceduntur
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