Re`flex´   Pronunciation: r?`fl?ks´
a.1.Directed back; attended by reflection; retroactive; introspective.
2.Produced in reaction, in resistance, or in return.
3.(Physiol.) Of, pertaining to, or produced by, stimulus or excitation without the necessary intervention of consciousness.
Reflex action
(Physiol.) any action performed involuntarily in consequence of an impulse or impression transmitted along afferent nerves to a nerve center, from which it is reflected to an efferent nerve, and so calls into action certain muscles, organs, or cells.
Reflex nerve
(Physiol.) an excito-motory nerve. See Exito-motory.
n.1.Reflection; the light reflected from an illuminated surface to one in shade.
On the depths of death there swims
The reflex of a human face.
- Tennyson.
2.(Physiol.) An involuntary movement produced by reflex action.
Patellar reflex
See Knee jerk, under Knee.
v. t.1.To reflect.
2.To bend back; to turn back.
Noun1.Reflexreflex - an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus
Adj.1.reflex - without volition or conscious control; "the automatic shrinking of the pupils of the eye in strong light"; "a reflex knee jerk"; "sneezing is reflexive"
Synonyms: reflexive, automatic
Pavlovian conditioning, action and reaction, adumbration, answer, antiphonal, arch, automatic, automatic reaction, automatic response, autonomic reaction, back, backlash, backward, backwash, behavior, bend, bend back, blind, blind impulse, bounceback, bow, brain wave, brainstorm, casual, clout, compulsive, conditioned, conditioned response, conditioning, counter, crook, curl, curve, decurve, deflect, dome, drive, echo, embow, fancy, flash, fleeting impulse, flex, force, forced, gut, gut response, hook, hump, hunch, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-devised, impact, impress, impression, imprint, impulse, impulsive, inadvertent, incurvate, incurve, indeliberate, inflect, inspiration, instinct, instinctive, instrumental conditioning, involuntary, involuntary impulse, loop, mark, mechanical, natural impulse, negative reinforcement, notion, operant conditioning, outline, positive reinforcement, predictable response, print, psychagogy, quick hunch, reacting, reaction, reactionary, reactive, recoil, recurve, reeducation, reflect, reflection, reflex action, reflexive, refluence, refluent, reflux, reinforcement, reorientation, repercussion, reply, respondence, respondent, responding, response, responsive, retroaction, retroactionary, retroactive, retroflex, return, reverberation, reversed, revulsion, revulsive, rise, round, sag, shadow, silhouette, snap, spontaneous, sudden thought, swag, sweep, turn, turned around, unadvised, uncalculated, unconditioned reflex, unconscious, unconsidered, undeliberate, undeliberated, undesigned, unintended, unintentional, unmeditated, unpremeditated, unstudied, unthinking, unthinking response, unwilled, unwilling, unwitting, urge, vault, wind, wrong-way, wrong-way around
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