Pronunciation: rāzd
n.1.A Shakespearean word (used once) supposed to mean the same as race, a root.
v. t.1.To erase; to efface; to obliterate.
[imp. & p. p. Razed (rāzd); p. pr. & vb. n. Razing.]
2.To subvert from the foundation; to lay level with the ground; to overthrow; to destroy; to demolish.
Verb1.raze - tear down so as to make flat with the ground; "The building was levelled"
ablate, abrade, abrase, align, bark, beat down, blot, blot out, blow down, blow over, bowl down, bowl over, break down, bring down, bulldog, bulldoze, burn down, cancel, cast down, chafe, chop down, cross out, cut down, dash down, decimate, deck, dele, delete, demolish, down, drop, efface, equalize, erase, erode, even, expunge, fell, fetch down, file, floor, flush, fray, frazzle, fret, gall, gnaw, gnaw away, grade, grate, graze, grind, ground, hew down, knock down, knock over, lay, lay down, lay flat, lay level, lay low, lay out, level, mow down, precipitate, prostrate, pull down, rase, rasp, roll, roll flat, rub away, rub off, rub out, ruin, rule out, scour, scrape, scratch, scratch out, scrub, scuff, send headlong, skin, smash, smooth, smooth out, smoothen, sponge, sponge out, spread-eagle, steamroll, steamroller, strike out, supinate, take down, tear down, throw, throw down, topple, trip, tumble, unbuild, undo, unmake, wear, wear away, whack down, wipe out, wrack
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