Par´a`dise   Pronunciation: păr´å`dīs
1.The garden of Eden, in which Adam and Eve were placed after their creation.
2.The abode of sanctified souls after death.
To-day shalt thou be with me in paradise.
- Luke xxiii. 43.
It sounds to him like her mother's voice,
Singing in Paradise.
- Longfellow.
3.A place of bliss; a region of supreme felicity or delight; hence, a state of happiness.
The earth
Shall be all paradise.
- Milton.
Wrapt in the very paradise of some creative vision.
- Beaconsfield.
4.(Arch.) An open space within a monastery or adjoining a church, as the space within a cloister, the open court before a basilica, etc.
5.A churchyard or cemetery.
Fool's paradise
See under Fool, and Limbo.
Grains of paradise
(Bot.) See Melequeta pepper, under Pepper.
Paradise bird
(Zool.) Same as Bird of paradise. Among the most beautiful species are the superb (Lophorina superba); the magnificent (Diphyllodes magnifica); and the six-shafted paradise bird (Parotia sefilata). The long-billed paradise birds (Epimachinæ) also include some highly ornamental species, as the twelve-wired paradise bird (Seleucides alba), which is black, yellow, and white, with six long breast feathers on each side, ending in long, slender filaments. See Bird of paradise in the Vocabulary.
Paradise fish
(Zool.) a beautiful fresh-water Asiatic fish (Macropodus viridiauratus) having very large fins. It is often kept alive as an ornamental fish.
Paradise flycatcher
(Zool.) any flycatcher of the genus Terpsiphone, having the middle tail feathers extremely elongated. The adult male of Terpsiphone paradisi is white, with the head glossy dark green, and crested.
Paradise grackle
(Zool.) a very beautiful bird of New Guinea, of the genus Astrapia, having dark velvety plumage with brilliant metallic tints.
Paradise nut
(Bot.) the sapucaia nut. See Sapucaia nut.
Paradise whidah bird
(Zool.) See Whidah.
v. t.1.To affect or exalt with visions of felicity; to entrance; to bewitch.
Noun1.Paradiseparadise - any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
2.Paradise - (Christianity) the abode of righteous souls after death
Paradise - Paradise is a subsystem (a set of packages) developed to implement inter-processes, inter-tasks and inter-machine communication for Ada programs under Unix. This subsystem gives the user full access to files, pipes, sockets (both Unix and Internet) and pseudo-devices.

Paradise has been ported to Sun, DEC, Sony MIPS, Verdex compiler, DEC compiler, Alsys/Systeam compiler.

Version 2.0 of the library. E-mail: .
To dream that you are in paradise, symbolizes your desire to achieve spiritual perfection. You may be trying to retreat from the stresses of the real world.Beulah, Beulah Land, Heaven, Land of Beulah, a better place, afterlife, afterworld, better world, destiny, eternal home, eternity, fate, future state, glory, happy hunting ground, heaven above, heavenly kingdom, high heaven, home, kingdom come, kingdom of God, kingdom of glory, kingdom of heaven, life after death, life to come, next world, otherworld, postexistence, presence of God, realm of light, the Promised Land, the beyond, the good hereafter, the grave, the great beyond, the great hereafter, the happy land, the hereafter, the unknown, the world above, what bodes, what is fated, world to come
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