adj.1.of or pertaining to operations; as, operational procedure.
2.Fit or ready for service; available and in working condition; as, an operational aircraft. Opposite of out-of-service.
3.(Mil.) of or intended for or involved in military operations. Opposite of nonoperational.
4.In force; not expired or annulled; - of rules or laws.
de facto apartheid still operational even in the `new' African nations
- Leslie Marmon Silko
Adj.1.operational - pertaining to a process or series of actions for achieving a result; "operational difficulties"; "they assumed their operational positions"
2.operational - fit or ready for use or service; "the toaster was still functional even after being dropped"; "the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still usable"; "an operational aircraft"; "the dishwasher is now in working order"
3.operational - of or intended for or involved in military operations
nonoperational - not involved in military operations
4.operational - being in effect or operation; "de facto apartheid is still operational even in the `new' African nations"- Leslie Marmon Silko; "bus service is in operation during the emergency"; "the company had several operating divisions"
acting, active, agential, agentival, agentive, at work, behavioral, effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient, functional, functioning, go, going, going on, in exercise, in force, in hand, in operation, in play, in practice, in process, in the works, inaction, managerial, manipulational, on foot, on the fire, ongoing, operating, operative, performing, practical, practicing, running, serving, working
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