1.A rule or authoritative standard; a model; a type; as, deviations from the norm are not tolerated.
2.(Biol.) A typical, structural unit; a type.
Noun1.norm - a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical; "the current middle-class norm of two children per family"
2.norm - a statistic describing the location of a distribution; "it set the norm for American homes"
Synonyms: average
(mathematics)norm - A real-valued function modelling the length of a vector. The norm must be homogeneous and symmetric and fulfil the following condition: the shortest way to reach a point is to go straight toward it. Every convex symmetric closed surface surrounding point 0 introduces a norm by means of Minkowski functional; all vectors that end on the surface have the same norm then.

The most popular norm is the Euclidean norm; it is calculated by summing up squares of all coordinates and taking the square root; this is the essence of Pythagorus's theorem. In the infinite-dimensional case, the sum is infinite or is replaced with an integral when the number of dimensions is uncountable.
Procrustean law, Ten Commandments, Weltanschauung, Zeitgeist, average, axiology, balance, barometer, behavioral norm, benchmark, business ethics, canon, center, check, climate, climate of opinion, code, code of ethics, code of morals, commandment, convention, criterion, decalogue, degree, dictum, ethic, ethical system, ethics, ethos, form, formality, formula, formulary, gauge, general principle, generality, golden mean, golden rule, graduated scale, guideline, guiding principle, happy medium, ideology, imperative, intellectual climate, juste-milieu, law, law of nature, legal ethics, maxim, mean, measure, median, medical ethics, mediocrity, medium, middle, middle course, middle ground, middle point, middle position, middle state, middle-of-the-road, midpoint, mitzvah, model, moral, moral climate, moral code, moral principles, morals, mores, new morality, norma, normal, normative system, norms, order of nature, ordinance, par, parameter, pattern, prescribed form, prescription, principium, principle, principles, professional ethics, quantity, reading, readout, regulation, rubric, rule, run, scale, set form, settled principle, social ethics, spiritual climate, standard, standards, standing order, tenet, test, touchstone, type, universal law, usual, value, value system, via media, working principle, working rule, world view, yardstick
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