musical composition

Noun1.musical composition - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"

MUSICAL COMPOSITION. The act of congress of February 3, 1831, authorizes the granting of a copyright for a musical composition. A question was formerly agitated whether a composition published on a single sheet of paper, was to be considered a book, and it was decided in the affirmative. 2 Campb. 28, n.; 11 East, 244. See Copyright.

adagio, allegro, arrangement, bagatelle, canon, capriccio, coda, composition, divertimento, duet, duette, duo, etude, fantasia, finale, idyll, intermezzo, larghetto, largo, medley, morceau, motet, movement, music, musical arrangement, musical passage, nocturne, octet, octette, opus, passage, pastiche, pastoral, pastorale, piece, piece of music, potpourri, program music, programme music, quartet, quartette, quintet, quintette, realisation, realization, septet, septette, serenade, sestet, sextet, sextette, sheet music, solo, song, study, suite, symphonic poem, toccata, tone poem, trio
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