music director

Noun1.music directormusic director - the person who leads a musical group
Synonyms: conductor, director
Arthur Fiedler, Arturo Toscanini, bandleader, bandmaster, Baron Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber, Benjamin Britten, Bernstein, Britten, Bruno Walter, Carl Maria von Weber, conductor, Constant Lambert, director, drum major, drum majorette, Edward Benjamin Britten, Eugene Ormandy, Fiedler, George Szell, Gustav Mahler, Hindemith, Koussevitzky, Lambert, Leonard Bernstein, Leonard Constant Lambert, Leopold Antoni Stanislaw Stokowski, Leopold Stokowski, Lord Britten of Aldeburgh, Mahler, musician, Ormandy, Ozawa, Paul Hindemith, Seiji Ozawa, Serge Koussevitzky, Sergei Aleksandrovich Koussevitzky, Sir Henry Joseph Wood, Sir Henry Wood, Stokowski, Szell, Toscanini, Walter, Weber, Wood
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