Pronunciation: mŌn
n.1.The celestial orb which revolves round the earth; the satellite of the earth; a secondary planet, whose light, borrowed from the sun, is reflected to the earth, and serves to dispel the darkness of night. The diameter of the moon is 2,160 miles, its mean distance from the earth is 240,000 miles, and its mass is one eightieth that of the earth. See Lunar month, under Month.
The crescent moon, the diadem of night.
- Cowper.
2.A secondary planet, or satellite, revolving about any member of the solar system; as, the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.
3.The time occupied by the moon in making one revolution in her orbit; a month.
4.(Fort.) A crescentlike outwork. See Half-moon.
5.The deliberately exposed naked buttocks.
Moon blindness
a - (Far.) A kind of ophthalmia liable to recur at intervals of three or four weeks
b - (Med.) Hemeralopia.
Moon dial
a dial used to indicate time by moonlight.
Moon face
a round face like a full moon.
Moon madness
Moon month
a lunar month.
Moon trefoil
(Bot.) a shrubby species of medic (Medicago arborea). See Medic.
Moon year
a lunar year, consisting of lunar months, being sometimes twelve and sometimes thirteen.
blue moon
see blue moon in the vocabulary.
v. t.1.To expose to the rays of the moon.
[imp. & p. p. Mooned ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mooning.]
2.To expose one's naked buttocks to (a person); - a vulgar sign of contempt or disrespect, sometimes done as a prank.
v. i.1.To act if moonstruck; to wander or gaze about in an abstracted manner.
Noun1.Moonmoon - the natural satellite of the Earth; "the average distance to the moon is 384,400 kilometers"; "men first stepped on the moon in 1969"
2.moon - any object resembling a moon; "he made a moon lamp that he used as a night light"; "the clock had a moon that showed various phases"
3.moon - the period between successive new moons (29.531 days)
4.Moonmoon - the light of the moon; "moonlight is the smuggler's enemy"; "the moon was bright enough to read by"
Synonyms: moonlight, moonshine
5.Moon - United States religious leader (born in Korea) who founded the Unification Church in 1954; was found guilty of conspiracy to evade taxes (born in 1920)
Synonyms: Sun Myung Moon
6.moon - any natural satellite of a planet; "Jupiter has sixteen moons"
Verb1.moon - have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake; "She looked out the window, daydreaming"
Synonyms: daydream
2.moon - be idle in a listless or dreamy way
Synonyms: moon around, moon on
3.moon - expose one's buttocks to; "moon the audience"
To see the moon in your dream, represents something hidden, mystery and the feminine aspect of your self. In particular, a full moon signifies completion, whereas a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. To dream that the moon in odd in any way, signifies infidelity of your lover and disappointments in business. To see the eclipse of the moon in your dream, signifies that your feminine side is being overshadowed. It also foretells of illness of someone near you. To see the crescent moon in your dream, indicates cyclic changes, renewal, and movement. You are progressing smoothly toward your life path.April showers, Artemis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cynthia, Diana, Hecate, Hekate, Luna, Phoebe, Proteus, Selene, abundant year, academic year, annum, artificial satellite, be absent, bissextile year, bum around, calendar month, calendar year, candle, century, chameleon, cloud shapes, common year, crescent, crescent moon, day, daydream, decade, decennary, decennium, decrescent, decrescent moon, defective year, demilune, divagate, do nothing, dream, electric light bulb, fantasy, fire, fiscal year, flame, fortnight, full moon, gibbous moon, glim, go woolgathering, goof off, half-moon, hang around, harvest moon, hour, idle, illuminant, illuminator, incandescent body, increscent, increscent moon, kaleidoscope, lamp, lantern, laze, lazy, leap year, lie around, light, light bulb, light source, loaf, loiter about, loll around, lollop around, lounge, lounge around, luminant, luminary, lunar month, lunar year, lunation, luster, lustrum, man-hour, match, mercury, microsecond, millennium, millisecond, minute, moment, month, mooch around, moon around, muse, new moon, orb of night, pipe-dream, quarter, queen of heaven, queen of night, quicksilver, quinquennium, regular year, rolling stone, satellite, second, semester, session, shifting sands, sidereal year, silvery moon, sit around, slouch, slouch around, solar year, source of light, stand around, stargaze, stars, stray, sun, taper, term, the wandering Moon, the weather, torch, trimester, twelvemonth, wander, waning crescent moon, waning moon, water, waxing crescent moon, waxing moon, weather vane, weathercock, week, weekday, wet moon, wheel of fortune, whirligig, year
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