n.1.A model or measure.
2.(Arch.) The size of some one part, as the diameter of semi-diameter of the base of a shaft, taken as a unit of measure by which the proportions of the other parts of the composition are regulated. Generally, for columns, the semi-diameter is taken, and divided into a certain number of parts, called minutes (see Minute), though often the diameter is taken, and any dimension is said to be so many modules and minutes in height, breadth, or projection.
v. t.1.To model; also, to modulate.
Noun1.module - one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
2.module - detachable compartment of a spacecraft
3.module - computer circuit consisting of an assembly of electronic components (as of computer hardware)
4.module - a self-contained component (unit or item) that is used in combination with other components
1.(programming)module - An independent piece of software which forms part of one or more larger programs. Different languages have different concepts of a module but there are several common ideas.

Modules are usually compiled seperately (in compiled languages) and provide an abstraction or information hiding mechanism so that a module's implementation can be changed without requiring any change to other modules. In this respect they are similar to objects in an object-oriented language, though a module may contain many procedures and/or functions which would correspond to many objects.

A module often has its own name space for identifiers so the same identifier may be used to mean different things in different modules.

2.(hardware)module - An independent assembly of electronic components with some distinct function, e.g. a RAM module consisting of several RAM chips mounted on a small circuit board.
Earth insertion, LEM, LM, apogee, article, attitude-control rocket, ballistic capsule, burn, capsule, deep-space ship, docking, docking maneuver, entity, ferry rocket, fuel ship, individual, injection, insertion, integer, item, lunar excursion module, lunar module, manned rocket, moon ship, multistage rocket, orbit, parking orbit, perigee, person, persona, point, reentry, rocket, shuttle rocket, single, singleton, soft landing, soul, space capsule, space docking, space rocket, spacecraft, spaceship
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