n.1.(Rom. Myth.) A Latin god of commerce and gain; - treated by the poets as identical with the Greek Hermes, messenger of the gods, conductor of souls to the lower world, and god of eloquence.
2.(Chem.) A metallic element mostly obtained by reduction from cinnabar, one of its ores. It is a heavy, opaque, glistening liquid (commonly called quicksilver), and is used in barometers, thermometers, etc. Specific gravity 13.6. Symbol Hg (Hydrargyrum). Atomic weight 199.8. Mercury has a molecule which consists of only one atom. It was named by the alchemists after the god Mercury, and designated by his symbol,
3.(Astron.) One of the planets of the solar system, being the one nearest the sun, from which its mean distance is about 36,000,000 miles. Its period is 88 days, and its diameter 3,000 miles.
4.A carrier of tidings; a newsboy; a messenger; hence, also, a newspaper.
5.Sprightly or mercurial quality; spirit; mutability; fickleness.
6.(Bot.) A plant (Mercurialis annua), of the Spurge family, the leaves of which are sometimes used for spinach, in Europe.
Dog's mercury
(Bot.) Mercurialis perennis, a perennial plant differing from Mercurialis annua by having the leaves sessile.
English mercury
(Bot.) a kind of goosefoot formerly used as a pot herb; - called Good King Henry.
Horn mercury
(Min.) a mineral chloride of mercury, having a semitranslucent, hornlike appearance.
v. t.1.To wash with a preparation of mercury.
Noun1.Mercurymercury - a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element; the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures
2.Mercury - (Roman mythology) messenger of Jupiter and god of commerce; counterpart of Greek Hermes
3.Mercury - the smallest planet and the nearest to the sun
4.mercury - temperature measured by a mercury thermometer; "the mercury was falling rapidly"
To see Mercury in your dream, symbolizes alertness, awareness, reason, and versatility. You are exhibiting efficiency in your work.April showers, Gyropilot, Proteus, antelope, arrow, automatic pilot, blue darter, blue streak, boatheader, boatsteerer, cannonball, chameleon, cicerone, cloud shapes, courier, courser, cowherd, coxswain, dart, dragoman, drover, eagle, electricity, express train, flash, gazelle, glass, goatherd, greased lightning, greyhound, guide, guidepost, guider, hare, helmsman, herd, herdsman, jet plane, kaleidoscope, light, lightning, moon, navigator, pilot, pointer, quicksilver, river pilot, rocket, rolling stone, scared rabbit, shepherd, shifting sands, shot, steerer, steersman, streak, streak of lightning, striped snake, swallow, the weather, thermal detector, thermometer, thermostat, thought, thunderbolt, torrent, tour director, tour guide, water, weather vane, weathercock, wheel of fortune, whirligig, wind
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