n.1.The rank, quality, state, or attributes of a king; royal authority; sovereign power; rule; dominion; monarchy.
Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom.
- Ps. cxiv. 13.
When Jehoram was risen up to the kingdom of his father, he strengthened himself.
- 2 Chron. xxi. 4.
2.The territory or country subject to a king or queen; the dominion of a monarch; the sphere in which one is king or has control.
Unto the kingdom of perpetual night.
- Shak.
3.An extensive scientific division distinguished by leading or ruling characteristics; a principal division; a department; as, the mineral kingdom. In modern biology, the division of life into five kingdoms is widely used for classification.
Animal kingdom
See under Animal.
Kingdom of God
a - The universe.
b - That spiritual realm of which God is the acknowledged sovereign.
c - The authority or dominion of God.
Mineral kingdom
See under Mineral.
United Kingdom
See under United.
Vegetable kingdom
See under Vegetable.
Noun1.kingdom - a domain in which something is dominant; "the untroubled kingdom of reason"; "a land of make-believe"; "the rise of the realm of cotton in the south"
Synonyms: realm, land
2.kingdom - a country with a king as head of state
3.kingdom - the domain ruled by a king or queen
Synonyms: realm
4.kingdom - a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state
5.kingdom - one of seven biological categories: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia
6.kingdom - a basic group of natural objects

KINGDOM. A country where an officer called a king exercises the powers of government, whether the same be absolute or limited. Wolff, Inst. Nat. Sec. 994. In some kingdoms the executive officer may be a woman, who is called a queen.

ally, animal kingdom, antonomasia, archduchy, archdukedom, area, bailiwick, binomial nomenclature, biological classification, biosystematics, biosystematy, biotype, body politic, branch, buffer state, captive nation, chain of being, chieftaincy, chieftainry, city-state, class, class structure, classification, colony, commonweal, commonwealth, country, county, domain, dominion, duchy, dukedom, earldom, empery, establishment, family, field, free city, genotype, genus, glossology, grand duchy, hierarchy, land, mandant, mandate, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, mineral kingdom, nation, nationality, natural hierarchy, nomenclature, onomastics, onomatology, order, orismology, pecking order, phylum, place-names, place-naming, polis, polity, polyonymy, possession, power, power structure, principality, principate, protectorate, province, puppet government, puppet regime, pyramid, republic, satellite, section, seneschalty, series, settlement, sovereign nation, sovereignty, species, sphere of influence, state, subclass, subfamily, subgenus, subkingdom, suborder, subspecies, subtribe, sultanate, superclass, superfamily, superorder, superpower, superspecies, systematics, taxonomy, terminology, territory, toparchia, toparchy, toponymy, tribe, trinomialism, turf, variety, vegetable kingdom
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