keep one's eyes off

Verb1.keep one's eyes off - stay clear of, avoid; "Keep your hands off my wife!"; "Keep your distance from this man--he is dangerous"
be, keep one's distance, keep one's hands off, stand back, stay away
keep an eye on
keep apart
keep away
keep back
keep company
keep down
keep going
keep guard
keep in
keep in line
keep kosher
keep mum
keep note
keep off
keep on
keep one's distance
-- keep one's eyes off --
keep one's eyes open
keep one's eyes peeled
keep one's eyes skinned
keep one's hands off
keep one's mouth shut
keep one's nose to the grindstone
keep one's shoulder to the wheel
keep open
keep out
keep pace
keep quiet
keep step
keep tabs on
keep to oneself
keep up
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