Pronunciation: jāl
n.1.A kind of prison; a building for the confinement of persons held in lawful custody, especially for minor offenses or with reference to some future judicial proceeding.
This jail I count the house of liberty.
- Milton.
Jail delivery
the release of prisoners from jail, either legally or by violence.
Jail delivery commission
See under Gaol.
Jail fever
(Med.) typhus fever, or a disease resembling it, generated in jails and other places crowded with people; - called also hospital fever, and ship fever.
Jail liberties
a space or district around a jail within which an imprisoned debtor was, on certain conditions, allowed to go at large.
Jail lock
a peculiar form of padlock; - called also Scandinavian lock.
- Abbott.
v. t.1.To imprison.
[Bolts] that jail you from free life.
- Tennyson.
Noun1.jail - a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
Verb1.jail - lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"; "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"

JAIL. A prison; a place appointed by law for the detention of prisoners. A jail is an inhabited dwelling-house within the statute of New York, which makes the malicious burning of an inhabited dwelling-house to be arson. 8 John. 115; see 4 Call, 109. Vide Gaol; Prison.

To dream that your lover is in jail, signifies that this lover is deceitful and untrustworthy. To dream that you are in jail, signifies your feelings of confinement and suffocation. To dream that others are in jail, signifies your unsettled feeling to grant privileges to an unworthy person. To dream that children are in jail, signifies negligence and worry.POW camp, bastille, beleaguer, beset, besiege, big house, black hole, blockade, bolt in, borstal, borstal institution, bound, box in, bridewell, bucket, caboose, calaboose, can, cast in prison, cell, chamber, chokey, clap in jail, clap up, clink, close in, college, compass, concentration camp, condemned cell, constrain, contain, cooler, coop in, coop up, cordon, cordon off, corral, death cell, death house, death row, detention camp, encircle, enclose, encompass, enshrine, federal prison, fence in, forced-labor camp, freezer, gaol, guardhouse, guardroom, hedge in, hem in, hold in captivity, hold prisoner, hoosegow, house in, house of correction, house of detention, immure, impound, incarcerate, include, industrial school, intern, internment camp, jailhouse, jug, kennel, labor camp, leaguer, lock in, lockup, maximum-security prison, mew, mew up, minimum-security prison, nick, oubliette, pen, pen in, penal colony, penal institution, penal settlement, pocket, pokey, prison camp, prisonhouse, quarantine, quod, rail in, reform school, rock pile, send down, shrine, shut in, shut up, slammer, sponging house, stable, state prison, stir, surround, the hole, throw into jail, tollbooth, training school, wall in, wrap, yard, yard up
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