v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Invested; p. pr. & vb. n. Investing.]
1.To put garments on; to clothe; to dress; to array; - opposed to divest. Usually followed by with, sometimes by in; as, to invest one with a robe.
2.To put on.
Can not find one this girdle to invest.
- Spenser.
3.To clothe, as with office or authority; to place in possession of rank, dignity, or estate; to endow; to adorn; to grace; to bedeck; as, to invest with honor or glory; to invest with an estate.
I do invest you jointly with my power.
- Shak.
4.To surround, accompany, or attend.
Awe such as must always invest the spectacle of the guilt.
- Hawthorne.
5.To confer; to give.
6.(Mil.) To inclose; to surround or hem in with troops, so as to intercept reinforcements of men and provisions and prevent escape; to lay siege to; as, to invest a town.
7.To lay out (money or capital) in business with the view of obtaining an income or profit; as, to invest money in bank stock.
8.To expend (time, money, or other resources) with a view to obtaining some benefit of value in excess of that expended, or to achieve a useful pupose; as, to invest a lot of time in teaching one's children.
v. i.1.To make an investment; as, to invest in stocks; - usually followed by in.
Verb1.invest - make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
Synonyms: commit, put, place
disinvest, divest - reduce or dispose of; cease to hold (an investment); "The company decided to divest"; "the board of trustees divested $20 million in real estate property"; "There was pressure on the univeristy to disinvest in South Africa"
2.invest - give qualities or abilities to
Synonyms: endow, endue, gift, indue, empower
3.invest - furnish with power or authority; of kings or emperors
Synonyms: clothe, adorn
4.invest - provide with power and authority; "They vested the council with special rights"
Synonyms: enthrone, vest
disinvest, divest - deprive of status or authority; "he was divested of his rights and his title"; "They disinvested themselves of their rights"
5.invest - place ceremoniously or formally in an office or position; "there was a ceremony to induct the president of the Academy"
Synonyms: induct, seat

TO INVEST, contracts. To lay out money in such a manner that it may bring a revenue; as, to invest money in houses or stocks; to give possession.
     2. This word, which occurs frequently in the canon law, comes from the Latin word investire, which signifies to clothe or adorn and is used, in that system of jurisprudence, synonymously with enfeoff. Both words signify to put one into the possession of, or to invest with a fief, upon his taking the oath of fealty or fidelity to the prince or superior lord.

accommodate, afford, allot, anoint, apparel, arm, array, attire, authorize, base, bedeck, bedrape, beleaguer, bequeath, beset, besiege, bless with, blockade, box, budget, build, build in, bundle up, buy in, buy into, case, chair, close, clothe, clothe with power, compass, compass about, consecrate, contribute, cost, cost out, crate, crown, deck, deputize, devote, dight, disburse, donate, dower, drape, dress, dud, embay, embosom, embox, embrace, empower, enable, encapsulate, encase, encircle, enclasp, enclose, enclothe, encompass, endow, endow with, endue, enfold, enlist, enrobe, enroll, enshroud, enthrone, envelop, environ, enwrap, establish, expend, favor with, fill, fill up, financier, find, fix, fork out, found, fund, furnish, garb, garment, give, go around, go round, go through, grace with, ground, habilitate, harass, harry, honor, imbue, inaugurate, incur costs, induct, ingrain, initiate, inoculate, install, instate, invest in, involve, keep, lap, lay out, lay out money, lay siege to, lay the foundation, leaven, maintain, make an investment, make available, make provision for, muffle up, open the purse, ordain, outlay, pack, package, pay, pay out, pitch, place, place in office, plant, plow back into, plunge, prepare, present, provide, provide for, put, put in, put out, put up, rag out, raiment, recruit, reinvest, replenish, risk, robe, run through, schedule, seat, set, set up, settle on, settle upon, sheathe, shell out, shroud, sign on, sign up, sink, sink money in, smother, soften up, speculate, spend, splurge, squander, steep, stock, store, subsidize, suffuse, supply, support, surround, swaddle, swathe, swear in, throne, throw money around, tire, veil, venture, vest, vest with, wrap, wrap about, wrap up, yield
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