in essence

Adj.1.in essence - being the essence or essential element of a thing; "substantial equivalents"; "substantive information"
Adv.1.in essence - at bottom or by one's (or its) very nature; "He is basically dishonest"; "the argument was essentially a technical one"; "for all his bluster he is in essence a shy person"
2.in essence - with regard to fundamentals although not concerning details; "in principle, we agree"
in principle, in theory
In drink
In dubiis magis dignum est accipiendum
In dubiis non praesumitur pro testamento
In dubio
In dubio haec legis constructio quam verba ostendunt
In dubio pars melior est sequenda
in due course
in due season
in due time
In dust and ashes
in dutch
in earnest
in effect
In embryo
In eo quod plus sit
In esse
-- in essence --
in everyone's thoughts
in evidence
in extremis
In faciendo
in fact
In favor of
In favor with
In favorabilibus magis attenditur quod prodest quam quod nocet
In favorem libertatis
In favorem vitae
In fere
in fetters
In few
In fictione juris
In fieri
In fine
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