n.1.(Mach.) A band on a trip-hammer helve, bearing the trunnions.
v. t.1.To cause physical pain to; to do bodily harm to; to wound or bruise painfully.
[imp. & p. p. Hurt ; p. pr. & vb. n. Hurting.]
The hurt lion groans within his den.
- Dryden.
2.To impar the value, usefulness, beauty, or pleasure of; to damage; to injure; to harm.
Virtue may be assailed, but never hurt.
- Milton.
3.To wound the feelings of; to cause mental pain to; to offend in honor or self-respect; to annoy; to grieve.
Noun1.hurt - any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
Synonyms: harm, injury, trauma
2.hurt - psychological suffering; "the death of his wife caused him great distress"
Synonyms: distress, suffering
3.hurt - feelings of mental or physical pain
Synonyms: suffering
4.hurt - a damage or loss
Synonyms: detriment
5.hurt - the act of damaging something or someone
Synonyms: scathe, damage, harm
Verb1.hurt - be the source of pain
Synonyms: smart, ache
2.hurt - give trouble or pain to; "This exercise will hurt your back"
3.hurt - cause emotional anguish or make miserable; "It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school"
Synonyms: anguish, pain
4.hurt - cause damage or affect negatively; "Our business was hurt by the new competition"
Synonyms: injure
5.hurt - hurt the feelings of; "She hurt me when she did not include me among her guests"; "This remark really bruised me ego"
6.hurt - feel physical pain; "Were you hurting after the accident?"
Synonyms: ache, suffer
7.hurt - feel pain or be in pain
Synonyms: suffer
Adj.1.hurt - suffering from physical injury especially that suffered in battle; "nursing his wounded arm"; "ambulances...for the hurt men and women"
Synonyms: wounded
2.hurt - used of inanimate objects or their value
Synonyms: weakened
Schmerz, abomination, abrade, abrasion, ache, aches and pains, aching, affect, afflicted, aggravate, aggravated, aggrieve, aggrieved, agonize, agonized, agony, ail, anguish, anguished, atrocity, bad, bane, bang, bang into, bankruptcy, barb the dart, bark, befoul, befoulment, bewitch, bite, blanch, bleed, bleeding, blemish, blench, blight, bloody, blow, break, breakage, breakdown, broken, bruise, bruised, bump, bump into, burn, burned, burst, busted, cannon, carom, carom into, chafe, check, checked, chip, chipped, clash, claw, collapse, collide, come into collision, concuss, concussion, condemn, confront each other, constrain, convulse, convulsed, corrupt, corruption, crack, crack up, crack-up, cracked, crackle, cramp, crash, crash into, craze, crazed, cripple, crippling, crucified, crucify, crump, crunch, crying evil, curse, cut, cut up, damaged, dash into, defective, defile, defilement, dejected, deprave, depress, depressed, depression, despoil, despoliation, destroy, destruction, deteriorate, deteriorated, dilapidate, dilapidated, dilapidation, disable, disablement, disadvantage, disappoint, discomfort, dismal, disrepair, disserve, distressed, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong, do wrong by, dolor, doom, drawback, embitter, embittered, encounter, encroachment, endamage, envenom, evil, exacerbate, exacerbated, excruciate, fall foul of, feel pain, feel the pangs, fester, flash burn, foul, fracture, fray, frazzle, fret, gall, gash, get into trouble, give offense, give pain, give umbrage, gloomy, gnaw, go hard with, grate, grief, grieve, grieved, grimace, grind, gripe, handicap, harass, harmed, harrow, harrowed, have a misery, havoc, hex, hit, hit against, hobbling, hurt the feelings, hurting, hurtle, ill, impair, impaired, impairment, imperfect, impinge, in bits, in distress, in pain, in pieces, in shards, incapacitate, incapacitation, incise, incision, infect, infection, inflame, inflict pain, infringement, injured, injury, inroad, irritate, irritated, jinx, kill by inches, knock, knock against, lacerate, lacerated, laceration, lame, lesion, liability, loss, loss of ground, maim, maiming, make mincemeat of, make worse, malaise, maltreat, mangle, mangled, marred, martyr, martyred, martyrize, martyrized, maul, mauled, mayhem, meet, melancholy, menace, mischief, misery, mistreat, misuse, molest, mortal wound, mournful, mutilate, mutilated, mutilation, nasty blow, nip, offend, on the rack, outrage, pained, pang, passion, percuss, persecute, pierce, pinch, play havoc with, play hob with, poison, pollute, pollution, pound, prejudice, prick, prolong the agony, puncture, put back, put to torture, rack, racked, rankle, rasp, rend, rent, rip, rub, rueful, ruin, ruination, ruinousness, rum, run, run into, rupture, ruptured, sabotage, sad, sadness, savage, scald, scalded, scarred, scathe, scorch, scorched, scotch, scrape, scratch, scratched, scuff, second-degree burn, shattered, shock, shoot, shrink, sickening, sideswipe, skin, slam into, slash, slashed, slit, smack into, smart, smash, smash into, smash up, smashed, sore, sore spot, sorrowful, spasm, split, spoiling, sprain, sprung, stab, stab wound, step backward, stick, sting, strain, stress, stress of life, strike, strike against, stroke, stung, suffer, suffer anguish, suffering, taint, tarnish, tear, tender spot, the worse for, the worst, third-degree burn, threaten, thrill, throb, throes, tingle, torment, tormented, torn, torture, tortured, toxin, trauma, traumatize, tweak, twinge, twist, twist the knife, twisted, twitch, under the harrow, unhappy, upset, venom, vexation, violate, vitiate, weaken, weakened, weakening, whomp, wince, woe, woebegone, worn, worse off, worsen, worsened, wounded, wounds immedicable, wreak havoc on, wrench, wretched, wring, writhe, wrong, wronged, wrung
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