hand tool

Noun1.hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
auger, awl, bevel, bevel square, bodkin, carpenter's plane, crank, dibber, dibble, file, float, graver, graving tool, grip, gutter, hammer, hand shovel, handgrip, handle, hold, marlinespike, marlingspike, marlinspike, miter box, mitre box, opener, pair of pincers, pair of pliers, pair of tweezers, pallet, pestle, pick, pincer, pipe cutter, pitchfork, plane, plasterer's float, pliers, plumber's helper, plumber's snake, plunger, plyers, pointel, pointrel, ravehook, sandblaster, saw, scraper, screwdriver, shovel, soldering iron, spanner, spatula, spreader, square, starter, straightedge, threader, tire iron, tire tool, tool, trowel, tweezer, weeder, woodworking plane, wrench
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