Pronunciation: hāld
n.1.Small roundish masses of ice precipitated from the clouds, where they are formed by the congelation of vapor. The separate masses or grains are called hailstones.
v. i.1.To pour down particles of ice, or frozen vapors.
[imp. & p. p. Hailed (hāld); p. pr. & vb. n. Hailing.]
v. t.1.To pour forcibly down, as hail.
a.1.Healthy. See Hale (the preferable spelling).
v. t.1.To call loudly to, or after; to accost; to salute; to address.
2.To name; to designate; to call.
v. i.1.To declare, by hailing, the port from which a vessel sails or where she is registered; hence, to sail; to come; - used with from; as, the steamer hails from New York.
2.To report as one's home or the place from whence one comes; to come; - with from.
interj.1.An exclamation of respectful or reverent salutation, or, occasionally, of familiar greeting.
All hail
See in the Vocabulary.
Hail Mary
a form of prayer made use of in the Roman Catholic Church in invocation of the Virgin. See Ave Maria.
n.1.A wish of health; a salutation; a loud call.
The angel hail bestowed.
- Milton.
Noun1.hail - precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents
2.hail - enthusiastic greeting
Verb1.hail - praise vociferously; "The critics hailed the young pianist as a new Rubinstein"
Synonyms: acclaim, herald
2.hail - be a native of; "She hails from Kalamazoo"
Synonyms: come
3.hail - call for; "hail a cab"
4.hail - greet enthusiastically or joyfully
Synonyms: herald
5.hail - precipitate as small ice particles; "It hailed for an hour"
To dream that you are caught in a hail storm, signifies mediocre returns in your projects. To hear hail beating down on your roof, denotes that you will go through a period of difficult times.a mass of, a world of, abide by, accede, accept, acclaim, acknowledge, acquiesce, acquiesce in, agree, agree to, agree with, apostrophize, appeal to, applaud, approve, army, assent, bark, barrage, bawl, beat the drum, bellow, bespeak, bevy, bid good day, bid good morning, bob, bombard, bombardment, bow, bow to, broadside, bunch, buttonhole, buy, call, call to, cannonade, caterwaul, cheer, cheer on, clap, clap the hands, cloud, clutter, compliment, comply, congratulate, consent, covey, cry, curtsy, dip, drumfire, embrace, encore, exchange colors, exchange greetings, felicitate, flag, flag down, flash, flight, flock, flocks, frost, fusillade, give a hand, give a signal, give the nod, glance, glorify, graupel, greet, greeting, hail and speak, hailstone, half-mast, halloo, hallow, hand-clasp, handshake, hear it for, hello, hive, hoist a banner, hold with, holler, hollo, honor, hoot, host, how-do-you-do, howl, hug, ice, ice over, ice up, in toto, invoke, jam, kick, kiss, kiss hands, large amount, laud, leer, legion, lift the hat, lots, make a sign, many, masses of, mob, muchness, multitude, nest, nod, nod assent, nod to, nudge, numbers, pack, pelt, plurality, poke, praise, pull the forelock, quantities, quite a few, raise a cry, receive, recommend, roar, root for, rout, ruck, salutation, salute, salvo, say hello, scores, scream, screech, shake, shake hands, shoal, shout, shower, shriek, sign, signal, signalize, sleet, smile, smile of recognition, snow, snow in, snow under, soft hail, sound an alarm, sound the trumpet, speak, speak fair, squall, squawk, squeal, storm, subscribe to, swarm, take aside, take kindly to, talk to, throng, tidy sum, torrent, touch, touch the hat, uncover, unfurl a flag, volley, vote for, wave, wave a flag, wave the hand, whoop, wink, worlds of, yammer, yap, yawl, yawp, yell, yelp, yes, yield assent, yowl
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