n.1.A good or evil spirit, or demon, supposed by the ancients to preside over a man's destiny in life; a tutelary deity; a supernatural being; a spirit, good or bad. Cf. Jinnee.
The unseen genius of the wood.
- Milton.
2.The peculiar structure of mind with which each individual is endowed by nature; that disposition or aptitude of mind which is peculiar to each man, and which qualifies him for certain kinds of action or special success in any pursuit; special taste, inclination, or disposition; as, a genius for history, for poetry, or painting.
3.Peculiar character; animating spirit, as of a nation, a religion, a language.
4.Distinguished mental superiority; uncommon intellectual power; especially, superior power of invention or origination of any kind, or of forming new combinations; as, a man of genius.
5.A man endowed with uncommon vigor of mind; a man of superior intellectual faculties and creativity; as, Shakespeare was a rare genius.
Genius loci
the genius or presiding divinity of a place; hence, the pervading spirit of a place or institution, as of a college, etc.
Noun1.genius - someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality; "Mozart was a child genius"; "he's smart but he's no Einstein"
2.genius - unusual mental ability
Synonyms: brilliance
3.genius - someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field
4.genius - exceptional creative ability
Synonyms: wizardry
5.genius - a natural talent; "he has a flair for mathematics"; "he has a genius for interior decorating"
Synonyms: flair
A per se, Baba Yaga, Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Geist, Lilith, Melpomene, Muse, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, ableness, academician, ace, acuity, acuteness, adequacy, adroitness, afflatus, afreet, ancestral spirits, angel, animating spirit, animation, animus, aptitude, aptness, artistic imagination, astuteness, attendant godling, atua, barghest, bent, body-build, bookman, boss, brain, braininess, brains, brand, brightness, brilliance, bump, cacodemon, caliber, capability, capableness, capacity, cast, champion, character, characteristic, characteristics, chief, child prodigy, classicist, clear thinking, clerk, cleverness, colossus of knowledge, commander, competence, complexion, composition, conception, constituents, constitution, control, crackerjack, crasis, creative imagination, creative power, creative thought, daemon, daeva, daimonion, dean, demon, devil, dexterity, dharma, diathesis, disposition, divine afflatus, dower, dowry, dybbuk, efficacy, efficiency, endowment, enlivenment, equipment, esemplastic imagination, esemplastic power, esprit, ethos, evil genius, evil spirit, evil spirits, exhilaration, expert, facility, fairy godmother, familiar, familiar spirit, fiber, fiend, fiend from hell, fire, fire of genius, firing, first-rater, fitness, flair, forte, frame, fugleman, genie, genius domus, genius loci, ghoul, giant of learning, gift, gifted child, gifted person, giftedness, gifts, good angel, good genius, good hand, grain, grasp, great, guardian, guardian angel, guardian spirit, guide, gyre, habit, head, hellion, higher-up, household gods, hue, humanist, humor, humors, ilk, incubus, infection, infusion, ingenuity, instinct, intellectual genius, intellectual prodigy, intelligence, inventiveness, invisible helper, jinni, jinniyeh, keen-wittedness, keenness, kind, knack, lamia, lares and penates, lares compitales, lares familiaris, lares permarini, lares praestites, lares viales, laureate, leader, leading light, learned clerk, learned man, literary man, litterateur, long suit, lover of learning, luminary, maestro, magician, mahatma, makeup, makings, man of genius, man of learning, man of letters, man of parts, manes, master, master hand, mastermind, mental alertness, mental genius, mental giant, mercurial mind, metier, mine of information, ministering angel, mold, moving spirit, muse, mythicization, mythification, mythopoeia, native cleverness, natural, natural endowment, natural gift, nature, nimble mind, nimble-wittedness, nimbleness, nonpareil, nous, numen, paragon, parts, past master, penates, philologist, philologue, philomath, philosophe, philosopher, physique, poetic imagination, polyhistor, polymath, potential, power, powers, practiced hand, principal, prodigy, proficiency, property, pundit, qualification, quality, quick parts, quick thinking, quick wit, quick-wittedness, quickness, rakshasa, ready wit, ruler, sage, satan, savant, savvy, scholar, scholastic, schoolman, senior, shaping imagination, sharp-wittedness, sharpness, shedu, skilled hand, smartness, smarts, somatotype, sort, soul, special providence, speciality, specter, spirit, sprightly wit, stamp, star, streak, stripe, strong flair, strong point, student, succubus, suchness, sufficiency, superior, superman, supernatural being, superstar, susceptibility, system, talent, talents, temper, temperament, tendency, tenor, the goods, the greatest, the most, the stuff, the undead, tone, top dog, topnotcher, totem, turn, tutelar god, tutelary, type, understanding, vampire, vein, virtuoso, walking encyclopedia, way, what it takes, whiz, wit, wizard, wonder, yogini
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