a.1.(Anat.) Belonging to the front part; being in front
n.1.(Mil.) Something worn on the forehead or face; a frontlet
2.(Arch.) A little pediment over a door or window.
3.(Eccl.) A movable, decorative member in metal, carved wood, or, commonly, in rich stuff or in embroidery, covering the front of the altar. Frontals are usually changed according to the different ceremonies.
4.(Med.) A medicament or application for the forehead.
5.(Anat.) The frontal bone, or one of the two frontal bones, of the cranium.
Frontal hammer
a forge hammer lifted by a cam, acting upon a "tongue" immediately in front of the hammer head.
- Raymond.
Noun1.frontal - an adornment worn on the forehead
Synonyms: frontlet
2.frontal - a drapery that covers the front of an altar
3.frontal - the face or front of a building
Synonyms: facade, frontage
Adj.1.frontal - belonging to the front part; "a frontal appendage"
2.frontal - of or relating to the front of an advancing mass of air; "frontal rainfall"
3.frontal - meeting front to front; "a frontal attack"; "a head-on collision"
Synonyms: head-on
4.frontal - of or adjacent to the forehead or frontal bone; "the frontal lobes"
Communion table, altar, altar carpet, altar desk, altar facing, altar of prothesis, altar rail, altar side, altar slab, altar stair, altar stone, altarpiece, ancona, anterior, anteriority, bold front, bomos, brave face, brave front, chancel table, chief, credence, display, eschara, facade, face, facet, facia, first, fore, forefront, foreground, forehand, foreland, foremost, forepart, forequarter, foreside, foreword, forward, front, front elevation, front man, front matter, front page, front view, frontage, frontier, frontispiece, gradin, head, heading, headmost, hestia, holy table, lap, leading, mensal, missal stand, obverse, predella, preface, prefix, primary, prime, priority, proscenium, prothesis, retable, retablo, rood altar, scrobis, superaltar, window dressing
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