Pronunciation: fĕnst
n.1.That which fends off attack or danger; a defense; a protection; a cover; security; shield.
A fence betwixt us and the victor's wrath.
- Addison.
2.An inclosure about a field or other space, or about any object; especially, an inclosing structure of wood, iron, or other material, intended to prevent intrusion from without or straying from within.
Leaps o'er the fence with ease into the fold.
- Milton.
3.(Locks) A projection on the bolt, which passes through the tumbler gates in locking and unlocking.
4.Self-defense by the use of the sword; the art and practice of fencing and sword play; hence, skill in debate and repartee. See Fencing.
5.A receiver of stolen goods, or a place where they are received.
Fence month
(Forest Law) the month in which female deer are fawning, when hunting is prohibited.
Fence roof
a covering for defense.
- Bullokar.
Fence time
the breeding time of fish or game, when they should not be killed.
- Holland.
Rail fence
a fence made of rails, sometimes supported by posts.
Ring fence
a fence which encircles a large area, or a whole estate, within one inclosure.
Worm fence
a zigzag fence composed of rails crossing one another at their ends; - called also snake fence, or Virginia rail fence.
To be on the fence
to be undecided or uncommitted in respect to two opposing parties or policies.
v. t.1.To fend off danger from; to give security to; to protect; to guard.
[imp. & p. p. Fenced (fĕnst); p. pr. & vb. n. Fencing (fĕn"sĭng).]
To fence my ear against thy sorceries.
- Milton.
2.To inclose with a fence or other protection; to secure by an inclosure.
O thou wall! . . . dive in the earth,
And fence not Athens.
- Shak.
To fence the tables
(Scot. Church) to make a solemn address to those who present themselves to commune at the Lord's supper, on the feelings appropriate to the service, in order to hinder, so far as possible, those who are unworthy from approaching the table.
- McCheyne.
v. i.1.To make a defense; to guard one's self of anything, as against an attack; to give protection or security, as by a fence.
2.To practice the art of attack and defense with the sword or with the foil, esp. with the smallsword, using the point only.
He will fence with his own shadow.
- Shak.
3.Hence, to fight or dispute in the manner of fencers, that is, by thrusting, guarding, parrying, etc.
Noun1.fence - a barrier that serves to enclose an area
Synonyms: fencing
2.fence - a dealer in stolen property
Verb1.fence - enclose with a fence; "we fenced in our yard"
Synonyms: fence in
2.fence - receive stolen goods
3.fence - fight with fencing swords
4.fence - surround with a wall in order to fortify
5.fence - have an argument about something
Synonyms: argue, contend, debate
1.fence - A sequence of one or more distinguished (out-of-band) characters (or other data items), used to delimit a piece of data intended to be treated as a unit (the computer-science literature calls this a "sentinel"). The NUL (ASCII 0000000) character that terminates strings in C is a fence. Hex FF is also (though slightly less frequently) used this way. See zigamorph.
2.fence - An extra data value inserted in an array or other data structure in order to allow some normal test on the array's contents also to function as a termination test. For example, a highly optimised routine for finding a value in an array might artificially place a copy of the value to be searched for after the last slot of the array, thus allowing the main search loop to search for the value without having to check at each pass whether the end of the array had been reached.
3.fence - [among users of optimising compilers] Any technique, usually exploiting knowledge about the compiler, that blocks certain optimisations. Used when explicit mechanisms are not available or are overkill. Typically a hack: "I call a dummy procedure there to force a flush of the optimiser's register-colouring info" can be expressed by the shorter "That's a fence procedure".
To see a fence in your dream, signifies an obstacle or barrier that may be standing on your path. You may feel confined and restricted in expressing yourself. Are you feeling fenced in? Alternatively, it may symbolize a need for privacy. You may want to sabatis, about the bush, advanced work, arch dam, arm, armor, armor-plate, around the bush, avoid, backstop, baffle, balistraria, balustrade, bamboo curtain, bank, banquette, bar, barbed wire, barbed-wire entanglement, barbican, barrage, barricade, barrier, bartizan, bastion, battle, battlement, bear-trap dam, beat about, beat around, beaver dam, beg the question, bicker, black-market, black-marketeer, bless, block, blockade, boggle, boom, bootleg, bound, boundary, box, brawl, breakwater, breastwork, brick wall, broil, buffer, bulkhead, bulkhead in, bulwark, cage, casemate, castellate, cavil, center, champion, cheval-de-frise, choplogic, circumscribe, circumvallation, clash, cloak, close, cofferdam, collide, combat, come to blows, compass about, compromise, confine, contend, contest, contravallation, coop, copyright, corral, counterscarp, cover, crenellate, curtain, cushion, cut and thrust, dam, defend, defense, demibastion, dig in, dike, ditch, dodge, drawbridge, duck, duel, earthwork, embankment, embattle, encircle, enclose, enclosure, ensure, entanglement, entrench, equivocate, escarp, escarpment, evade, evade the issue, exchange blows, feint, fences, fend, fend off, feud, fieldwork, fight, fight a duel, foil, fortalice, fortification, fortify, garrison, gate, give and take, give satisfaction, glacis, golden mean, grapple, grapple with, gravity dam, groin, guarantee, guard, half measures, half-and-half measures, halfway measures, happy medium, harbor, haven, hedge, hedgerow, hem, hem and haw, hoarding, hydraulic-fill dam, immure, impartial, indecisive, independent, insure, iron curtain, irresolute, jam, jetty, jostle, joust, keep, keep from harm, leaping weir, levee, logjam, loophole, lunette, machicolation, make safe, man, man the garrison, maneuver, mantelet, mean, medium, merlon, mew, middle course, middle ground, middle way, milldam, mine, mix it up, moat, moderantism, moderate position, moderateness, moderation, moderatism, mole, moonshine, mound, mystify, nestle, neutral, neutral ground, nitpick, obscure, on the fence, outwit, outwork, pale, paling, palisade, palter, parados, parapet, parry, patent, pen, pick nits, picket, police, portcullis, postern gate, prevaricate, protect, pull away, pull back, push, pussyfoot, put off, qualify, quarrel, quibble, rail, railing, rampart, rassle, ravelin, receiver, recoil, redan, redoubt, register, restrict, retaining wall, ride shotgun for, riot, roadblock, rock-fill dam, run a tilt, safeguard, sally port, scarp, sconce, scramble, screen, scuffle, seawall, secure, separate, sheer off, shelter, shield, shift, shift off, shilly-shally, shirk, shove, shrink, shroud, shuffle, shutter dam, shy, shy away, shy off, sidestep, skirmish, spar, split hairs, step aside, stockade, stone wall, stonewall, stop, strive, struggle, surround, swagman, swagsman, swerve, tenaille, tergiversate, third force, thrust and parry, tilt, tourney, trellis, tussle, unbiased, uncertain, uncommitted, undecided, underwrite, unprejudiced, vacillate, vacillating, vallation, vallum, via media, waffle, wage war, wall, war, ward off, weir, wicket dam, work, wrestle, zigzag fence
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