family Lythraceae

Noun1.family Lythraceae - herbs and shrubs and small trees with pink or purple flowers
dicot family, genus Lagerstroemia, genus Lythrum, Lagerstroemia, loosestrife family, Lythraceae, Lythrum, magnoliopsid family, Myrtales, order Myrtales, order Thymelaeales, Thymelaeales
family Loganiaceae
family Lomariopsidaceae
family Lophiidae
family Lophosoriaceae
family Loranthaceae
family Lorisidae
family Loxomataceae
family Lucanidae
family Lutjanidae
family Luvaridae
family Lycaenidae
family Lycoperdaceae
family Lycopodiaceae
family Lycosidae
family Lygaeidae
family Lymantriidae
-- family Lythraceae --
family Machilidae
family Macropodidae
family Macrorhamphosidae
family Macrouridae
family Macruridae
family Magnoliaceae
family Majidae
family Malacanthidae
family Malpighiaceae
family Malvaceae
family Mammutidae
family man
family Manidae
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family Mantidae
family Mantispidae
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