Ear´mark`   Pronunciation: ēr´märk`
n.1.A mark on the ear of sheep, oxen, dogs, etc., as by cropping or slitting.
2.A mark for identification; a distinguishing mark.
Money is said to have no earmark.
- Wharton.
Flying, he [a slave] should be described by the rounding of his head, and his earmark.
- Robynson (More's Utopia).
v. t.1.To mark, as sheep, by cropping or slitting the ear.
[imp. & p. p. Earmarked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Earmarking.]
2.To designate or reserve for a specific purpose; as, the alumni fund was earmarked for dormitory construction.
Noun1.earmark - identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal
2.earmark - a distinctive characteristic or attribute
Verb1.earmark - give or assign a share of money or time to a particular person or cause; "I will earmark this money for your research"
allocate, allot, appoint, appropriate to, aroma, assign, assign to, attribute, badge, banner, be characteristic, birthmark, blaze, blemish, blotch, cachet, cast, caste mark, character, characterize, check, checkmark, cicatrix, configuration, cut, dapple, define, demarcate, describe, destine, detail, device, differentia, differential, differentiate, discoloration, distinctive feature, distinguish, dot, engraving, fate, feature, figure, flavor, fleck, flick, freckle, gash, graving, gust, hack, hallmark, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, image, impress, impression, index, indicant, indicator, individualism, insignia, jot, keynote, label, lentigo, lineaments, lot, macula, make assignments, mannerism, mark, mark off, mark out, mark out for, marking, measure, mold, mole, mottle, nature, nevus, nick, notch, note, odor, ordain, particularity, patch, picture, point, polka dot, portion off, prick, property, puncture, quality, quirk, representation, representative, reserve, restrict, restrict to, savor, scar, scarification, schedule, score, scotch, scratch, scratching, seal, set, set apart, set aside, set off, set the pace, set the tone, shape, sigil, signal, signature, singularity, smack, sound the keynote, specialty, speck, speckle, splash, splotch, spot, stain, stamp, stigma, strawberry mark, sure sign, symptom, tab, tag, taint, tang, taste, tattoo, tattoo mark, telltale sign, tick, ticket, tittle, token, trait, trick, watermark
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