Pronunciation: drŭg
v. i.1.To drudge; to toil laboriously.
n.1.A drudge .
1.Any animal, vegetable, or mineral substance used in the composition of medicines.
2.Any commodity that lies on hand, or is not salable; an article of slow sale, or in no demand; - used often in the phrase "a drug on the market".
And virtue shall a drug become.
- Dryden.
3.any stuff used in dyeing or in chemical operations.
4.any substance intended for use in the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or cure of disease, especially one listed in the official pharmacopoeia published by a national authority.
5.any substance having psychological effects, such as a narcotic, stimulant, or hallucinogenic agent, especially habit-forming and addictive substances, sold or used illegally; as, a drug habit; a drug treatment program; a teenager into drugs; a drug bust; addicted to drugs; high on drugs.
v. i.1.To prescribe or administer drugs or medicines.
[imp. & p. p. Drugged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Drugging.]
v. t.1.To affect or season with drugs or ingredients; esp., to stupefy by a narcotic drug. Also Fig.
Drug thy memories, lest thou learn it.
- Tennyson.
2.To tincture with something offensive or injurious.
3.To dose to excess with, or as with, drugs.
Noun1.drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
Verb1.drug - administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist"
Synonyms: dose
2.drug - use recreational drugs
Synonyms: do drugs
Adrenalin, Benzedrine, Dexamyl, Dexedrine, KO, Methedrine, Mickey Finn, aloes, ammonium carbonate, amphetamine, amphetamine sulphate, analgesic, anesthetic, anoint, antidepressant, article, article of commerce, article of merchandise, balm, balsam, bedaze, belladonna, benumb, benzoin, besot, bismuth, blunt, caffeine, chloroform, chocolate, cocaine, cocoa, coffee, coldcock, colocynth, commodity, cure, cure-all, deaden, desensitize, desoxyephedrine, dextroamphetamine sulfate, dope, dose, downer, drops, dull, electuary, elixir, embrocate, entrance, ergot, etherize, ethical drug, feature, freeze, generic name, hallucinogenic, herbs, hop, hypnotic, hypnotize, inhalant, item, kayo, knock out, knock senseless, knock stiff, knock unconscious, knockout drop, kola, kola nut, lay out, lead item, leader, lincture, linctus, loss leader, lull to sleep, magnetize, materia medica, medicament, medicate, medication, medicinal, medicinal herbs, mesmerize, methamphetamine hydrochloride, mixture, narcotic, narcotize, nonprescription drug, obtund, officinal, oil, opiate, pain-killer, palsy, panacea, paralyze, patent medicine, pharmaceutical, pharmacon, physic, poison, powder, preparation, prescription drug, product, proprietary, proprietary medicine, proprietary name, psychedelic, put to sleep, put under, quinine, rock to sleep, sal ammoniac, salve, sassafras, seconds, sedate, sedative, simple, simples, sleeping pill, soporific, special, specific, standard article, staple, staple item, stimulant, strychnine, stun, syrup, tea, theraputant, tisane, trance, tranquilizer, treat, treatment, upper, vegetable remedies, vendible, ware
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