debenture bonds) aregenerally, throughnotnecessarily, underseal, andareusuallysecuredbyamortgageorotherchargeuponproperty; theymayberegisteredorunregistered. Adebenturesecuredbyamortgageonspecificpropertyiscalledamortgage debenture; onesecuredbyafloatingcharge (whichsee), afloating debenture; onenotsecuredbyanychargea naked debenture. IngeneralthetermdebentureinBritishusagedesignatesanysecurityissuedbycompaniesotherthantheirshares, including, therefore, whatareintheUnitedStatescommonlycalledbonds. WhenusedintheUnitedStatesdebenturegenerallydesignatesaninstrumentsecuredbyafloatingchargejuniortootherchargessecuredbyfixedmortgages, or, specif., oneofaseriesofsecuritiessecuredbyagroupofsecuritiesheldintrustforthebenefitofthedebentureholders.
n.1.A writing acknowledging a debt; a writing or certificate signed by a public officer, as evidence of a debt due to some person; the sum thus due.
2.A customhouse certificate entitling an exporter of imported goods to a drawback of duties paid on their importation.
3.Any of various instruments issued, esp. by corporations, as evidences of debt. Such instruments (often called
Noun1.debenture - a bond that is backed by the credit of the issuer but not by any specific collateral
2.debenture - a certificate or voucher acknowledging a debt

DEBENTURE. A certificate given, in pursuance of law, by the collector of a port of entry, for a certain sum, due by the United States, payable at a time therein mentioned, to an importer for drawback of duties on merchandise imported and exported by him, provided the duties arising on the importation of the said merchandise shall have been discharged prior to the time aforesaid. Vide Act of Congress of March 2, 1799, s. 80; Encyclopedie, h.t.; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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