Coun´cil   Pronunciation: koun´sĭl
1.An assembly of men summoned or convened for consultation, deliberation, or advice; as, a council of physicians for consultation in a critical case.
2.A body of man elected or appointed to constitute an advisory or a legislative assembly; as, a governor's council; a city council.
An old lord of the council rated me the other day.
- Shak.
3.Act of deliberating; deliberation; consultation.
Satan . . . void of rest,
His potentates to council called by night.
- Milton.
O great in action and in council wise.
- Pope.
Aulic council
See under Aulic.
Cabinet council
See under Cabinet.
City council
the legislative branch of a city government, usually consisting of a board of aldermen and common council, but sometimes otherwise constituted.
Common council
See under Common.
Council board
the table round which a council holds consultation; also, the council itself in deliberation.
Council chamber
the room or apartment in which a council meets.
Council fire
the ceremonial fire kept burning while the Indians hold their councils.
Council of war
an assembly of officers of high rank, called to consult with the commander in chief in regard to measures or importance or nesessity.
- Bartlett.
Ecumenical council
(Eccl.) an assembly of prelates or divines convened from the whole body of the church to regulate matters of doctrine or discipline.
Executive council
a body of men elected as advisers of the chief magistrate, whether of a State or the nation.
Legislative council
the upper house of a legislature, usually called the senate.
Privy council
See under Privy.
Noun1.council - a body serving in an administrative capacity; "student council"
2.council - (Christianity) an assembly or theologians and bishops and other representative of different churches or dioceses that is convened to regulate matters of discipline or doctrine
3.council - a meeting of people for consultation; "emergency council"

COUNCIL, legislation. This word signifies an assembly.
     2. It was used among the Romans to express the meeting of only a part of the people, and that the most respectable, in opposition to the assemblies of the whole people.
     3. It is now usually applied to the legislative bodies of cities and boroughs.
     4. In some states, as in Massachusetts, a body of men called the council, are elected, whose duties are to advise the governor in the executive part of the government. Const. of Mass. part 2, c. 2, s. 3, art. 1 and 2. See 14 Mass. 470; 3 Pick. 517; 4 Pick. 25 19 John. R. 58. In England, the king's council are the king's judges of his courts of justice. 3 Inst. 125; 1 Bl. Com. 229.

Areopagus, Bund, Rochdale cooperative, advisory council, alliance, assemblage, assemblee, assembly, assignation, association, at home, audience, axis, ball, band, bargaining, bargaining session, bloc, board of directors, board of regents, board of trustees, body, brawl, cadre, camarilla, caucus, coalition, college, colloquium, combination, combine, commission, common market, conclave, concourse, confab, confabulation, confederacy, confederation, conference, confrontation, congregation, congress, consistory, consultation, consumer cooperative, conventicle, convention, convocation, cooperative, cooperative society, corps, council fire, council of state, council of war, credit union, curia, customs union, dance, date, diet, directorate, directors, directory, discussion, divan, economic community, eisteddfod, exchange of views, executive arm, executive committee, executive hierarchy, eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, federation, festivity, fete, forgathering, forum, free trade area, gang, gathering, get-together, governing board, governing body, group, grouping, high-level talk, housewarming, huddle, infrastructure, inquisition, interchange of views, interlocking directorate, interview, judicatory, judicature, judiciary, kitchen cabinet, league, levee, machine, management, meet, meeting, ministry, mob, negotiations, news conference, palaver, panel, parley, partnership, party, plenum, political machine, pourparler, powwow, press conference, privy council, prom, quorum, rally, reception, rendezvous, ring, seance, session, shadow cabinet, shindig, sit-in, sitting, society, soiree, steering committee, summit, summit conference, summitry, symposium, synod, the Inquisition, the administration, the brass, the executive, the people upstairs, top brass, tribunal, turnout, union
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